Senior ML/AI Engineer for Video and Audio Content Creation (offline)

Required Skills:


- 5+ years of strong experience in programming languages relevant to AI and ML( Python, TensorFlow);

- Experience with developing ML models for video and audio generation

- Proficiency in machine learning and AI technologies, particularly in visual & audio content creation

- Familiarity with child-friendly content creation and educational technology

- Expertise in creating live characters and interactive AI-based systems

- Excellent problem-solving and communication skills

- Ability to work in a collaborative team environment

- Upper Intermediate or higher English level.




- Develop and implement ML models for creating educational video and audio content

- Work on the creation of live characters based on text inputs and ChatGPT interactions

- Contribute to the Child Interaction and Educational Platform, focusing on interactive and engaging content for children

- Modernize existing educational content using AI technology to achieve Pixar-like animation quality

- Ensure the appropriateness and educational value of content for various age groups

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions

- Stay abreast of the latest developments in ML, AI, and educational technology


Project description:

Educational Content Revamp" project aims to modernize existing educational material (300 old cartoons) using AI technology to transform 1990s graphics into modern, Pixar-like animations, while maintaining the educational integrity of the content. This role offers the unique opportunity to blend technology with creativity, significantly impacting the field of educational technology


What we offer:


- Healthy workplace environment

- Strong and friendly development team

- Competitive reward

- Compensation for education

- Flexible schedule

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