DevOps (offline)


- Experience in the Devops position from 5 years

- Experience with highly loaded projects (5 billion requests per day)

- Experience with Kubernetes, Docker

- Practical experience in dealing with DDoS attacks

- Ability to administer, raise complex systems

- Good level of knowledge about networks, network protocols

- Experience with Gitlab, Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitHub

- Understanding the latest industry trends and knowledge of DevOps principles

- Practical knowledge of PostgreSQL and SQL databases

- Experience with CI/CD infrastructure



- Support for ongoing projects, regarding deployment, integrations, data transfer, backups

and archiving, as well as security issues

- Protection against DDoS attacks

- Monitoring of current processes from the position of DevOps

- Automation of current processes from the position of DevOps

- Extend the reliability and manageability of your current infrastructure

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