Link builder (offline) $200-500

1. Link Building Strategy:

- Develop and implement effective link-building strategies to enhance the company’s online presence.

- Research and identify potential websites and platforms for link acquisition.

2. Outreach:

- Conduct outreach to website owners, bloggers, and online influencers to secure high-quality backlinks.

- Negotiate link placements on websites that are relevant and authoritative.

3. Content Collaboration:

- Collaborate with the content team to create compelling content that attracts backlinks naturally.

- Suggest content ideas that are likely to earn links from other websites.

4. Monitoring and Reporting:

- Monitor backlinks using SEO tools and software to ensure quality and relevance.

- Track and report on the progress of link-building campaigns and their impact on SEO rankings.

5. Competitor Analysis:

- Analyze competitors’ backlink profiles to identify link-building opportunities.

- Stay updated with competitors’ link-building strategies and adapt accordingly.

6. Content and Material Preparation:

- Assist in the creation of promotional materials and content.

- Coordinate with the design team to ensure timely and accurate production.

7. Communication and Coordination:

- Coordinate with internal teams and external partners to ensure smooth execution of projects.

8. Reporting and Documentation:

- Prepare regular reports on marketing metrics and campaign results.

- Maintain a database of marketing materials, vendor lists, and performance records.

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