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We are in search of an experienced Senior DevOps Specialist with excellent skills in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kubernetes. We believe in continuous improvement and growth, offering opportunities for professional development and supporting our work processes with

cutting-edge technologies.



- English language proficiency at least at B2 level (spoken).

- Deep experience with AWS and Kubernetes.

- Proficiency in Cloud Providers, including: IAM, EC2, RDS, Route53, EBS, S3 (additional experience with EFS, CloudHSM, MSK, CloudFront, ACM, and more is a plus).

- Skills in Infrastructure as Code: Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation (additional experience with TFSec, CheckOV, OpenPolicyAgent is a plus).

- Experience with CI/CD Platforms: GitHub Actions (TravisCI is a bonus).

- Knowledge of Kubernetes, including Service Meshes (particularly Istio), CNIs, Runtime Security, CRDs, Operators, Sidecars, and more.

- Experience with logging systems such as Loki and ElasticSearch.

- Familiarity with metric systems, including Prometheus and CloudWatch (experience with Thanos is a bonus).

- Experience with tracing, such as Jaeger and OpenTelemetry (experience with Grafana Tempo is a bonus).

- Experience in cloud networking, including L3/L4 Firewalls, Routing, and IPSec VPNs (experience with BGP, AWS Transit Gateway, DirectConnect is a bonus).

- Willingness to be part of the software development process and experience with Python 3, Go, and Node.js.


Working Conditions:

- Outsourced project for a client in Denmark, with the possibility of remote work.

- Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

- Opportunities for professional growth and development.

- Collaboration with cutting-edge technologies in the DevOps and cloud services field.


Our benefits:

- Ability to work in the office, remotely, or combined.

- Full financial and legal support.

- Paid vacation, holidays, and sick leaves.

- Professional and personal growth.

- Individual development plan.


Thank you for your interest in our company!

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