HRD (offline)



● experience in development and implementation of a comprehensive HR strategy in the areas of recruitment, staff training, development of a dynamic corporate culture, employee performance evaluation;

● experience in building sustainable HR processes;

● soft skills - possessing a high work ethic, excellent communication skills, the ability to gain respect from colleagues and subordinates, focus on continuous improvement, proactive position, result-oriented, responsible


Would be an advantage:

● Masters / MBA in the field of people management, business, IT, economics;

● certificates, passing advanced training courses in HR;

● previous experience as an HR Business Partner and/or Senior Recruiter;

● experience in an IT company;

● experience in developing a dynamic corporate culture



● managing HR and ensuring that HR programs and initiatives are effective, efficient and aligned with overall business objectives;

● improve and implement the existing HR strategy (development of all HR functions - recruitment, employee development, development of corporate culture, development of bonuses system and rewards, people management, development of a performance assessment system, HR administration - control over the budget and payments, communication development within the company);

● manage the HR department and be responsible for each of the functions;

● regular reporting to C-level Executives;

● develop all necessary documentation for process improvement;

● development of a dynamic corporate culture with a focus on improving the motivation of team and, as a result, the speed of production;

● development and implementation of personnel policy;

● selection of personnel and contract signing;

● ensuring compliance with the internal rules of the company;

● work with complaints of the team;

● development of adaptation procedures for the team;

● monitoring the state of psychological health and productivity of the team

● maintaining personnel records;

● determination of staffing needs and preparation of job descriptions.




● The ability to build processes and directly influence the performance of HR and the atmosphere in the team

● Loyal management

● Minimal bureaucracy

● Working hours from 9:00 - 18:00