DevOPS Engineer (Canada) (offline)

We invite DevOPS Engineer to be a part of fast growing team of professionals operating on high load and scalable environment



β€” Hands-on system administration/development experience in Linux/Unix;

β€” Production systems monitoring and troubleshooting experience;

β€” Deployment tools, e.g. Chef, Salt, Puppet, Ansible, etc.;

β€” Repositories, e.g. git, Gitlab, Mercurial, etc;

β€” Monitoring tools, e.g. Graphite, Nagios, Zabbix, Ganglia, Prometeus;

β€” Continuous integration tools, e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc.;

β€” Virtualization, e.g. LXC, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.;

β€” Cloud platforms, e.g. EC2, GCE, OpenStack, etc.

β€” 100% understand modern development lifecycle of CI;

β€” Be able to work close with developers as a team member and resolve all infrastructure and operation issues;

β€” Fluent English and Russian. Be able to relocate to Canada


Office: Saint John, NB (Canada)

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