Business Development Representative

We are looking for a passionate professional with demonstrated knowledge in fintech, lead acquisition, and marketing strategies for the small-medium business market in the US.

The BDR will be a key member of the R&D department, responsible for growing our product in the b2c business model, and building a sales and end-users feedback pipeline using all possible tools and methods.

On the other side, you will have the opportunity to influence key strategic decisions in product development by sharing insights and feedback gathered from end-users with company leadership and product teams.

• Subject matter expert in at least one industry domain for serving American businesses (Accounting, Taxation, CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Banks, Marketing, Logistics)
• Vast knowledge of analytics tools for small-medium American businesses
• Experience in Fintech, banks, or other financial institutions
• Experience with Hubspot CRM and Jira
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills in English
• Ability to sometimes shift working time to the US time zone to meet with end-users
A live network of contacts in the US SMB segment is appreciated

• Continuous market research to identify new relevant business opportunities
• Lead generation and qualification through various tools of user acquisition
• Presentation of our product to leads on demo calls or correspondence
• Identification of client needs and suggestion of appropriate products/service
• Gathering feedback on our product
• Proactively seeking new business opportunities in the market
• Managing data integrity in CRM

If you are interested, please send us your cv along with answers to the following small test assignment, which helps us evaluate your passion and experience:

1) Pick one feature that is most interesting to small businesses (both whether our product has one or not) that SaaS can offer. What would it be?
2) How would you find and engage leads to use this feature?

About upSWOT

upSWOT is an American startup that is actively scaling in CEE, Western Europe, and the US.

The upSWOT solution is trusted by 100+ multinational and community financial institutions and fintech providers, like Standard Chartered, Mastercard, OnDeck, FSNB, Moven, Republic Bank, Old Missouri Bank, Sunwest Bank, LCF, and others, that want to improve outcomes for financial institutions and their SMB customers through the use of data-driven insights. These insights allow the FI to be proactive in their relationship with their client; helping them make better financial and business decisions, eliminate failures, and become more resilient and successful.

The upSWOT solution ingests data from more than 200+ SaaS applications that are commonly used to run small businesses such as PoS, eCommerce, Payroll, ERP, CRM, Marketing, Accounting, and others. That data is then analyzed using cutting-edge machine learning and used to derive actionable insights for both the FI and the SMB. For the FI, this results in a complete picture of business performance and on-demand access to data needed to improve underwriting and risk analysis. For the SMB owner, these insights include accurate cash-flow forecasting, credit score boosting, bank reconciliation, business valuation, and a host of other features.

Our Mission

We want to become the worldwide embedded business management and finance hub that helps entrepreneurs and innovators to create, grow and expand their businesses by providing them knowledge, instruments, and resources to achieve financial success and create new jobs.

Our Core Values

Aloha spirit - Bring good vibes by focusing on collective success
Regardless of title or expertise, we are all willing to listen to innovative ideas and feedback. We know that our sustained growth requires innovation and guts from all of us, working together.

Expand mindsets, ignite change
We don’t wait for the perfect moment, we take the moment and make it perfect. Action makes us winners.

Have an entrepreneurial spirit
Entrepreneurial spirit empowers dreamers to become doers. We have an insatiable curiosity, are constantly questioning things, and want to excel professionally.

Make the complex effortless
Simplicity comes from deeply understanding complex objectives. This requires a growth mindset, and we are willing to get uncomfortable in order to change and improve.

Lead with integrity
We challenge the status quo with open minds, seeking to make the right decisions with both focus and speed.

Our Personality Traits

We’re honest and to the point. Our copy sounds human — like a person, not a business talking.

We’re straight-talking and down-to-earth. We connect with people in a human way and are respectful and warm

We’re people with vision, with the enthusiasm to see and believe in new ideas. We talk from the heart and passionately. We walk the talk and put our vision into action.

We’re empowering and uplifting. We sound encouraging for our audience helping them to achieve their goals.

Some videos about upSWOT:

Company website:

DOU company page:

Job posted on 6 March 2023
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  • Category: Marketing
  • fintech, lead acquisition, marketing strategy, marketing, Sales and Marketing strategy, lead generation
  • English: Upper-Intermediate
  • 1 year of experience
  • Domain: Fintech
  • Full Remote
  • Product
  • Ukraine
  • Four-day work week