At FluroSat, we analyse remote sensing data (aerial and/or satellite imagery). We build supercharged agronomic tools to quantify the crop stress and answer the "why?"​ rather than "where?"​.

Our platform allows agronomists to access satellite/plane or upload drone data, and provides them with the information on the stress levels and nutrient content distribution around the paddock (e.g., crop health maps, N/ chlorophyll levels maps) calculated using our advanced modeling and processing tools. We go into in-depth analysis, extending beyond NDVI into the identification of individual crop stressors. What is different about FluroSat is we build reliable correlations combining multiple sources of hyperspectral/ multispectral imagery (drone, satellite) incorporating the on-farm data (IOT, ground-based sensors) and tailor analytics on a per-paddock level for each of the crop types separately

Our stack:
- Orchestrators: Nomad / Consul / Terraform
- DBs: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
- Network: Traefik / Nging / Kong API
- Monitoring: Prometheus/Grafana, ELK, Cloudwatch (in some cases)
- Loggin: ELK Stack (filebeat,logstash,elastic, kibana) including APM.
- Cloud: GCP and AWS (and a bit Azure)
- Queues: PUBSUB
- Caching: Elasticache
- IAC: Terraform
- Apps: Everything is Python (FASTAPI) /Golang on Docker running in Nomad / Consul

Skills and knowledge:

- Advanced understanding and troubleshooting experience of Linux
- Experience with provisioning and configuration management tools and technologies;
- Experience with cloud platforms, such as Google, AWS, Azure;
- Good knowledge of MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, administration and troubleshooting (including clustering, replication, backup);
- Programming experience in Python or other scripting languages;
- Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail;
- Ability to prioritize and balance multiple tasks;
- Strong written and verbal English language skills;
- Experience with and good understanding of virtualization platforms
Experience with and good understanding of containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).

What’s in it for you:

- Competitive salary
- Work with the latest technical stack
- Contribute to making the world more sustainable, do good
- Join the product development team of a multi-national profitable start-up
- Develop a novel solution using cutting edge satellite and drone data

About thePerson

thePerson is your industry-specific recruiting experts for Ukrainian and European IT market. Quick deadlines, timely vacancy status reports in the best of KPI practices is what we are about. We safeguard your comfort and peace of mind, because you will get your Person, even with time to spare.

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● Personalized full life cycle recruiting;
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● Customized recruitment solutions for your growing business (consulting on numbers and availability of technical experts, strategies for attracting successful candidates, clear deadlines for closing existing positions, etc.)

● Digital transformation of your business;
● Recruiting in technology, gaming, startups, digital agencies, and more;
● Pre-screening candidates with 80% matching rate;
● Job offer support;
● Location solutions.

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Job posted on 30 August 2021
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