Data Science Team Lead (offline)

Currently, we are looking for a Data Science Team Lead.

8allocate is a global provider of end-to-end custom software development solutions to companies all over the globe, from North America to the EU to Israel to Australia.

Headquartered in Estonia, we run offshore R&D centers in Kyiv and Lviv. Our team is 50% remote and distributed. We specialize in flexible interaction exclusively with international clients (we cover industries from commercial aviation to fintech) thanks to a multinational support group of experts and management.

Currently, we are looking for a Data Science Team Lead.

Project: enterprise-level AI Business Applications to the data intensive organization, next generation Enterprise AI Operating system which will be the world’s most advanced and most comprehensive product for Digital Transformation.

What responsibilities & tasks will wait for you?
— Work closely with Product Managers, Data Scientists, and fellow ML Engineers to frame Machine Learning problems within the business context
— Provide mentorship to other ML engineers and Data Scientists in the team
— Be hands-on and involved with every stage of the ML product development cycle
— Design, extend and review ML experiments and solutions
— Evaluate, justify and communicate ML models’ performance to various stakeholders
— Write clean and tested code that can be maintained and extended by other fellow ML engineers
— Influence the Machine Learning development culture to be innovative
— Establish and extend standards and best practice for ML engineering
— Contribution to research activities in ML domain inside the company

What skills/qualities are required:
— 2+ years as Team Leader, working with Agile methodologies
— 5+ years of industry and research experience in developing machine learning products
— Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with prior experience explaining assumptions, conclusions, and methodology to both internal and external customers
— Ability to frame business requirements into Machine Learning problems that you enjoy solving
— A strong predilection for good software and the processes that make it
— Mathematical foundation including: linear algebra, vector calculus, probability, and statistics.
— Experience implementing this math effectively in software (e.g. Python, numpy)
— Strong foundation in machine learning & deep learning concepts including: supervised and unsupervised learning, transfer learning, ensembling, classification, regression, clustering, bias & variance, regularization, overfitting & underfitting, Logistic & Linear regressions, Decision Trees, MLP, RNNs
— Strong foundation in natural language processing concepts including: bag-of-words & TF-IDF, n-grams, word & text embedding, NER, transformers, text classification & similarity
— Proficiency in Python and PyData stack (numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn)
— Fluency with popular NLP libraries (spaCy, NLTK, transformers)
— Hands-on experience with Deep Learning frameworks such as PyTorch
— Experience working in a Linux environment
— Basic Git knowledge: creating and merging branches, cherry-picking commits, examining the diff between two hashes. More advanced Git usage is a plus, particularly: development on feature-specific branches, squashing and rebasing commits, and breaking large changes into small, easily-digestible diffs
— Experience with SQL
— Understanding of algorithm complexity and performance implications
— Knowledge of classical data structures and algorithms

Will be a plus:
— Degree in related field (Machine Learning, Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science)
— Familiarity with Knowledge Engineering, Graph technology, Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases
— Machine Learning on graphs
— AWS, AWS SageMaker
— Kaggle experience

Work Schedule:
You can work from 9 am till 6 pm or from 10 am till 7 pm.

Why choose us?
— “Family and Friends”. We are no longer a start-up, but still, have a family atmosphere in our supportive and spirited team, who are all working together on the same goal.
— “Just break down all barriers and find a better way”. Every day you’ll meet with interesting and challenging (international) projects that are covering industries from commercial aviation to fintech (different technologies, different products).
— “Hungry for learning”. You will get a lot of chances for career advancement and the development of new skills, opportunities for mentorship, or learning from more experienced colleagues.

Benefits from 8allocate:
— You’ll work in a supportive and spirited team of professionals.
— Corporate events, holidays and team buildings for your joy.
— Training and development: we have a huge library (about 500 books!) and a budget for your professional development.
— People-oriented management without bureaucracy.
— Paid vacation and sick leaves.
— Relocation program: if you are from another city and want to move to Kyiv, we will be happy to help you!

About SoftServe Kharkiv

SoftServe is the largest Ukrainian IT company, a team of 10000+ thinkers and makers, true professionals and good people. We like what we do and do it well. For us, that means a lot.

From engineering to architecture, business analytics to project management, artificial intelligence to customer support solutions, and so much more — choose from a variety of paths and grow your dreams.

Our company isn’t just about technology — it’s about open-minded people who love technology, and use it to extend boundaries and connect people, businesses and ideas for the better. We encourage that passion by helping our employees not only build great careers but live great lives.

• We inspire creation without pushing, and appreciate imagination.
• We inspire true dialogues, passionate debates, and friendly jokes.
• We speak sense.
• Whatever the topic, we stay human

We understand that the best way to build our future is to help you build yours. To assist you with development we have created a special SoftServe University offering an array of IT courses for those willing to start career, as well as certification center, various soft and hard skills trainings for associates. Growing together, we build our common future!

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