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15 июля 2018

Senior Python Developer 🔥

Киев · $4000 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Python: 3.5 years of contract work plus 3 years of freelancing. Startup and team lead experience. Development expertise: systems design, micros-ervices, data processing, custom content management systems. Linux: packaging, networking, customized distributions. Web frameworks: Flask, Tornado, aiohttp, Django. Deployment/development: Docker, Fabric, Chef, Vagrant. DB: DynamoDB, MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL. Other: Nginx, uWSGI, BDD, AWS, Elasticsearch. Education: software engineering.

Constantly exceed expectations. Opensourced own development tools. Was a founding engineer of a small startup. Participated in open-source Linux distribution project.

- a strong team of professional and friendly people - a modern stack of technologies - high load and/or big data - focus on a product NO front-end, NO gambling, NO ads, NO blockchain, NO SEO projects, please.

18 июля 2018

Chief marketing officer

Киев · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Professional, highly-skilled international Chief marketing officer with more then 11 years experience in marketing including 8 year in IT sphere. Experience in launching startup from scratch. People managent experience - 6 years (up to 5 staff members + 8 freelancers, and services). Key proficiency fields: marketing strategy development, marketing research and marketing analytics, email marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing, affiliate marketing (CPA&CPL), PR, event management. Experience with Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, USA, UK markets.

Successful launch and work with more than 20 projects and businesses: a group of construction companies, top payment online service, an Italian furniture factory, publishers (online portals), banks and legal entities. firms, British distributors, American architectural bureau, all sorts of startup projects. Complex company rebranding on several geographic markets. Optimized and increased profits, received thousands of paid subscribers to services, hundreds of thousands of readers and millions of visitors to sites, creat new ways to increase the company's gross profit and revenue. Participated and represented companies in international exhibitions and conferences.

Interested in long-term cooperation mainly with companies, IT projects and start-ups that work on the global market. Absolutely not interested in such positions as email, PPC, SEO and content manager, which assume work only with one marketing channel.

17 июля 2018

iOS Developer 🔥

Киев · $1600 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Main: Xcode, Swift, Git, git-flow understanding, Unit- testing, Library, Frameworks: UIKit, Autolayot, Texture, CoreLocation, MapKit, Google Maps, Core Data, Firebase, Moya, Alamofire, RxSwift, Core Animation, Sourcery, R.swift Architecture Patterns: MVC, MVP, VIP DI: Swinject, Dip 03.2018 - present time iOS developer at Synergetica Robin (Medicine insurance), New modules, Unit-testing, UI-develop (manually and via StoryBoard), Custom-control develop, fixing bugs 16 members 09.2017 - 03.2018 iOS developer at Synergetica Tribu (Social project), New modules, UI-develop (manually), Custom-control develop, fixing bugs 14 members 07.2017 - 09.2017 iOS developer at Labracode Cardee (rent service) Taking part in App Architecture, New modules, UI- develop, Custom-control, fixing bugs 10 members 04.2017 - 07.2017 iOS developer at Concepter Soul (Startup Social Project) Developing UI-screens 17 members 12.2016 - 04.2017 iOS Developer Freelancer

20 июля 2018

Manual/Automation QA Engineer 🔥

Киев · $2400 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

- Perform web applications functional, usability, UI, regression, smoke, integration, compatibility, acceptance testing - Perform requirements testing - Perform mobile (Android/iOS) applications testing - Creating test documentation (bug reports, test cases, check lists) - Java tests frontend(Selenium, Selenide)/backend(REST/SOAP) automation - iOS native app automation (Objective-C, XCTest framework) - Automation Test Frameworks based on TestNG, JUnit - Perform testing high availability/high load systems - Tasktrackers/Bugtrackers/Tools: Jira, Redmine, Confluence, TestRail - CI: Jenkins - Version Control: Git

- Mentoring of manual QAs; - Main autotests contributor on project; - Made 50% autotests coverage on project. - Reduced time for testing some app modules by 80%;

- Manual testing is not more than 50% of testing scope; - Friendly team, social package; - Competitive salary (USD); - Professional growth;

19 июля 2018

Team/Tech Lead 🔥

Киев · $5000 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am looking for new opportunities as a Team/Tech Lead with 7 years of experience in web software development. I am looking for a Product company focused on delivering great products and interested in contributing to open-source software development. Mostly I was involved into development of GIS, Project Management, Document Management software development. Have 2 years experience as Leader. Soft skills: Leadership Time Management Team Management Estimation and planning Agile Hard skills: TypeScript (3+ years) JavaScript Python, SQL WebUI, UX, UI CSS NodeJS (for scripting) React VueJS Git And even more :)

In my current position key responsibilities and achievements: - Created application from scratch - Scrum master - Scheduled board meetings and took care of support administrative functions - Managed technical debt resolution - Defined and achieved OKRs - Managed and coordinated a team of 10 people - Integrated CI/CD into the project life-cycle - Requested switch deployment process to Docker - Configured Jenkins - Setup Jira/Confluence workflow/dashboards/sprint boards/filters/etc. - Created translation tool (have a plan to make it open-source) - Created component documentation system - Integrated Sentry as an issue logging system

I like to work with an interesting project and create a good team. I do not want to work in a big open space where it is hard to concentrate. Not to spend Your time I want to mention that I am not interested in projects in the next areas: advertisement, casino, banks, trading platforms, crypto currency, blockchain. I do not want to work with PHP as the main language for backend development. Note: I will start at a new position on the 1 of September.

15 июля 2018

Javascript Developer 🔥

$3200 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Fan of functional JS (Ramda, Recompose), ReactJS ecosystem (Redux, Redux-Saga, Styled Components, etc.), NodeJS and TDD (Mocha, Jest, etc.). Exprience: 1. Decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum, 2. ICO backend functionality (smart contract integration, KYC, block listeners, etc.), 3. UI applications for decentralized exchange platform with microservice architecture 4. MVP / PoC development

Contribution to open source projects mostly related to Ethereum ecosystem, number of successful ICOs.

Currently available ONLY for remote and part-time projects. I am NOT interested in e-commerce projects, legacy code, VueJS, Angular and html/css coding.

19 июля 2018

Team Lead

Київ · $5000 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am a manager with a solid technical background / Swiss Army knife able to: - design a custom software development process - implement and support a software development process - develop a system requirement specification - estimate a large scope of work - engage in negotiations with a potential customer - develop a project proposal - design software - develop software - perform code review - lead a team - mentor a team member - conduct an interview - organize team building events :) just kidding

I am proud of every single product I created because of its value added to the business. A framework for modeling and assessing financial risks on lottery outcomes helped a London-based company become the number one and attract several large investors. A text-to-speech screen reader for visually impaired users allowed a large corporation from the US to attract new customers and comply with updated FCC regulations. Replacement of a commercial database and disaster recovery solution with SQLite drastically reduced costs of maintaining an existing trading system of a world-known investment bank. A chipset performance testing application made it possible for a Ukrainian outsourcing company to extend its portfolio and be more competitive in the market. The list goes on.

Mostly interested in ambitious endeavors which will help me upgrade my managerial skills. Willing to lead a team and not willing to do the coding. Striving for reducing chaos and establishing reliable development processes.

17 июля 2018

Middle Android Developer 🔥

Полтава, Київ, Харків, віддалено · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Java 7, Kotlin, Android SDK (components, structure, XML layout, multithreading, HTTP/HTTPS-networking, local database, app cache, custom views, animations etc.), SQLite, Room, RxJava 2, RxKotlin 2, XML, JSON, REST, SOAP, GIT, Gradle, Android Studio, Eclipse, Genymotion, Firebase, Zeplin, Google Maps API, Google Fit API, third party libraries (Retrofit2, Glide, Picasso, Gson, ButterKnife, Crashlytics, Google analytics, Facebook API, Twitter API etc.), Google Support libraries (Design, AppCompat, RecyclerView, ConstraintLayout etc.), Architecture Components, MVP, Dependency Injection. Certification: 1Z0-803: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer I

I've worked on an application that was completely rewritten on Kotlin from Java. I investigated features and flow of the old app and implemented it within the new one using Kotlin, RxKotlin. The most interesting project I've worked on is the app controller for one of the most innovative vaporizers in their target market. We use Bluetooth to connect to vapor to see its status, choose a heating profile, calibrate it and update the device on demand. It's in production right now. I can tell you more about this project if you're interesting in hiring me :) Also, I've got my side-project called Geography Time. It suggests quizzes about capitals and landmarks. I gained 2.800 installs and its top countries are the United States, Georgia, and India.

I'm aimed at professional growth, friendly team, informal atmosphere. I prefer small projects with the small team. I do NOT want to work on medicine-related projects. Opportunity to work remotely and flexible days-off roles are appreciated. I like to work remotely from home or coffee shop sometimes because I'm more productive when there's nobody disturbing me. I also tend to work in a small room rather than in open space.

19 июля 2018

Middle PHP Developer 🔥

Киев · $2000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

4 years experience in PHP, MySQL, jQuery. Good understanding of OOP. Using SOLID principles in coding. Favourite developing principles: DRY, KISS Used Git and SVN as CVS. Experienced Linux user, can config apache and nginx server.

Looking for a place where I can grow my skills to senior level. Preferable location: The Right Bank of Kyiv. Doesn't matter if it is outsourcing or product company. Expectations from project: usage of one of the popular php frameworks. Things that I want to avoid in work: different CMS, big amount of frontend tasks.

16 июля 2018

Product manager 🔥

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса, Черкассы · $1700 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Experience: - Managed a group of 7 developers working on a governmental analytics software called BOUNTY (Блок Анализа Унифицированной Телеметрической Информации) - Worked as a CEO at the international companies for the past 15 years. Experienced rises and falls of different companies, opened new business opportunities, functional departments and pioneered innovative technological solution for IT and non-IT companies. Skills: - Project management: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Hybrid. - Soft skills: calm and respective personality, ready to cope with any troubles, always here to help fellow co-workers and employees. Very initiative and creative person. Good sense of humor :) - Technical skills: Expert Microsoft Office and Google Toolset knowledge. - Languages: Python, Go, C++, C, Solidity, Perl - Areas: Embedded, Blockchain, e-commerce, Security, Low-level engineering, System administration & DevOps skills (CI/CD). Tools: - Management: Canvas, Kanban Online Tool, Trello, GitHub. - Communication: Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat. - Deployment: AWS, Jenkins, Docker. - Development: Vim, JetBrains IDE, Python IDLE.

https://egle.ua/ https://egle.ua/3d-s17r/ http://hotsale.egle.ua/ - Controlled all lifecycles and helped developing the websites. BOUNTY project in cooperation with HARTRON. Various "smart-home" devices based on ESP8266 and Arduino.

Challenging projects, family atmosphere. Communication with young creative people would also be a great opportunity. A competitive salary is also a factor ;)

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