Lead Recruiter/HR manager

Dnipro · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

• Managing recruitment and process in the company; • Tracking of recruiting metrics; • Definition the most efficient and appropriate recruiting channels and methods; • Creation and optimization of the budget for recruiting; • Coordinate with department managers to forecast future hiring needs; • Creation of standards in the selection department; • Definition KPIs, OKRs; • Creating training manuals for recruiters; - Implementation of basic HR processes - Organization of corporate events

Screening, Recruiting, Searching (Boolen search, Hunting, Onboarding, Interviewing, event management, Communication, HR, Adaptation and motivation, Human Resources, Organisation skills, Interviews, External/Internal recruitment, HR Processes, 360 Feedback

-professional growth -work in a friendly team -interesting and challenging tasks


Javascript Developer

Dnipro · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

About me: I'm working as a developer for over two years. My responsibilities is development, requirement analysis, team-leading, code reviewing, holding demos. The main reason for my desire to change working place is to relocate to my hometown Dnipro. Also want to say that I'm fast learning, reliable and positive person. Projects: Medical Course Marketplace: Responsive website for healthcare professionals to find and book courses. Technologies: React, Redux, JSS-modules, Stripe, Semantic UI. Auction for VR world game: Website introducing the game facilities, partners, upcoming events, place bids and start an auction for particles of the earth. Technologies: React, Redux, Typescript, Blockchain(Opensea), Antd, SCSS-modules. Equipment Documentation Collection: Service for viewing various documentation on specific equipment with further integration into the React Native application Technologies: React, Redux, SCSS-modules. Purchase and delivery of goods from USA to Kazakhstan: An adaptive website for ordering and delivering goods from more than 40 US stores. Technologies: React, Mobx, Vue, Vuex, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, Typescript, MySQL, Docker, Bootstrap, AWS(Lambda, S3, SQS, SES, EC2), Serverless, PayPal Renting buildings platform: Search system, to find the best match and get contacts for further sale Technologies: Node.js, Nest.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Typescript, Docker, PayPal Insurance policy: А mobile application that allows clients to draw up an insurance policy for a car. Technologies: Node.js, Nest.js, GCP(Vision AI), Typescript, Docker, TypeORM, PostgreSQL

JavaScript, Git, TypeScript, Redux, REST API, Node.js, SASS, webpack, CSS, HTML, ES6+, MongoDB, jQuery, MySQL, Gulp, OOP, Docker, Linux, Vue.js, Serverless, Web Development, AWS, Nest.js, Unit Testing, E2E, MobX, PostgreSQL, React Native, React 360, Vue / Vuex, React.js, Express.js, GCP, SQL, DevOps, Sequilize, TypeORM, Mongoose


Разработчик на Yii2

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa Vinnitsa · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Коротко о себе: Целеустремлен, есть большое желание развиваться. Вот некоторые проекты над которыми я работал(ю): backend и rest api для этого сайта (облачная система управления для отелей, апартаментов, хостелов.) также принимал участие в разработке данных сайтов,, Делал CRM системы, доработки на php и виджеты на jquery во время работы в INTROVERT-е. Год работаю backend разработчиком в Tessella Design Studio над сайтом

CSS, HTML, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, Git, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, REST API, Yii2, C++, PostgreSQL

диплом бакалавра с отличием.

Интересные проекты на Yii2, кастомные CRM системы, админки.


Junior/Strong Junior .NET Developer

Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Unit testing, OOP, T-SQL, C#/.NET, .NET core E-Consulting: Extensions(plugins, win-services) for MS Dynamics 365, integration web-services Lingvalab (2018-2019): Event membership management service (back-end and RESTs): REST for joining/leaving group or event for user REST for adding users to group/event for tutor User-roles management REST for getting movie info Video-files uploading service by HTTP. Participation in interface designing Participation in database designing

C#, OOP, mvc, .NET, LINQ, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, Git, REST API, .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, MSSQL, Design Patterns, SOLID, T-SQL, MS Dynamic CRM .Net API

I wanna avoid legacy


freelance recruiter

Remote work, Ukraine · $600 · 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

10 лет опыта работы в ИТ компаниях в качестве hr-generliasta, hrd, ИТ-рекрутера. Большая база кандидатов и личных знакомств в ИТ-сфере позволяет осуществлять проекты по head huntingu ключевых специалистов и узкопрофильных специалистов. Моя специализация: - программисты (любые языки и технологии), специалисты по ИТ-безопасности, DevOps-инженеры, программисты микроконтроллеров, системные аналитики, ИТ-специалисты в банковской сфере. - экономисты, финансовые аналитики, финансовые менеджеры. - аналитики, бизнес-аналитики, системные аналитики.

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Human Resources, Boolean Search, X-Ray, Interviews, LinkedIn Search, headhunting, Executive Search, CV Screening, Research, Linkedin, Sourcing

Ищу компании с которыми можно сотрудничать на постоянной основе в качестве фриланс рекрутера. Либо удаленная работа. Также могу выполнить отдельные проекты.


Web Developer roles

Dnipro & Worldwide · $400 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Professional focus: Web and Software Development projects. I am a web developer with PM & BA skills and fluent English. I am good at HTML&CSS coding, breaking down projects and features into tasks, communicating with clients, and solving problems. My specialty is to integrate ideas and information, combine diverse elements into a coherent whole. Currently, I am diving deeper into JavaScript and starting to learn React. I enjoy challenging tasks and look forward to interesting and innovative projects. Let us create something beautiful together!

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Project Management, Communications, AGILE/SCRUM, SDLC, Project Planing, Budgeting, Product Development, Microsoft Project, Responsive Design, Git, Grid, Flexbox, AJAX

1. Continuing professional development 2. Recognition 3. Teamwork


3d artist

Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Vinnitsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa · $550 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I'm a 19 years old . An enthusiastic, responsible student with a passion for computer science a nd modern technology. Since childhood, I like to explore something new. Attentive, communicative and always responsible to work. Tendency to research. Would like to work in a eam. Good reading and translating ability English. Blender 3d (compatible with all common 3d packages) • good animation skills • high / low poly modeling • Good Blender 3D knowledge • Experience in creating various 3D content (modelling,texturing, rendering,unwrapping) • The minimum experience with texturing in 3D-Coat • Basic of Photoshop °substance painter Займаюсь 3D моделюванням 1 рік в комерційному напрямі, є навики в високо та низько полігональному моделюванні, повній аніміції, texturing, rendering, unwrapping, animation

Unity3D, 3d modeling, game design, 3ds max Zbrush substance painter topog, Blender, Blender3d, 3d coat, Adobe Photoshop, Game Development, Unity, GameDev

Креатив, та цілеспрямованність в виконанні будь-якого завдання, легкість та швидкість навчанні

Перш за все, готовий розглянути цікаві пропозиції в сфері 3D моделюванні


IT recruiter Lead /HR who likes writing letters and feedbacks / Remote

Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Vinnitsia, Odesa · $1600 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

8 years of experience in HR and recruiting. 5 years worked in IT companies then went for a maternal leave and worked remotely as a freelance recruiter. Now conduct HR IT courses and close job openings for clients. Adore connecting people, searching, writing letters and giving feedbacks to every candidate. Can write a fascinating job description using only true facts. And writing letters is my hobby. Receive answers to nearly 85% of them. I'm not demotivated by the candidate's answer "Not interested" , vice versa I'm happy that a candidate haven't ignored my letter, spend some time to read and answer. I continue dialogue and keep in contact cuz next time it will be easier to reach him/her. "Treat your candidate the way you'd like to be treated" . That's why I always find time to write individual feedbacks explaining the reason why they are not a good fit for now. Do it correctly as possible sometimes using "sandwich" technique , sometimes something else. It helps to make a good brand for a company. And when I find a super candidate, reach him as quick as possible, conduct interviews etc. Prepare a written offer for the best match. And if necessary counteroffer. More than 100 candidates accepted my offers. Positions that usually close ( Fullstack JS developer, Frontend, Ruby, Java, PHP, QA manual, QA automation, PHP). All levels from Jr to CTO. Сприймаю ваш бізнес, як свій з усією відповідальністю і наслідками. Провела два опитування задоволеності співробітників роботою в компанії. Одне опитування було по замовленню клієнта, використовувала Q12 from Gallup. Проаналізувала результати і вивела все у діаграми для презентації. Вмію планувати час. Розставляти пріорітери, продумувати ризики.

Recruiting, headhunting, Interviewing, Talent acquisition

Started all HR process from scratch while working in the company Twice increased the number of employees Reduced staff turnover to 3-4% Implemented onboarding process for newcomers Initiated bonus system for referrals Initiated and organized IT courses to involve more candidates to a company Initiated 1to1 meetings, exit interview My rule - Always give feedback to any candidate and they like the way I do it. Have a big database of candidates. Know how to find contacts in github. Overcame the fear of public speaking. Never stop learning.

Remote work for a company that shares the same idea that me (people are the greatest treasure of a company). Де все базується на довірі, делегуванню відповідальності і відповідальному ставленню до роботи всіх учасників. Де керівник - капітан корабля і сильний та зрілий лідер для всієї команди. Хочеться експериментувати , аналізувати, робити висновки та удосконалювати процеси. Зробити відео вакансію і порівняти відгуки на звичайну та на відео. Спробувати замінити технічну співбесіду на дещо інше) В розмові поділюся. Mostly remote but can arrive for a face-to-face task planning meetings once per month. Mostly recruitment but can help with HR stuff too)


Разработчик html

Dnipro · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Пример моей работы (WordPress)

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP

Сайт не шаблонный. Макеты всех страниц WP делал сам

Стремлюсь получить постоянную работу (желательно не удаленно), т.к. люблю работать и повышать квалификацию в коллективе


Junior JavaScript developer

Kyiv, Dnipro · $500 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Junior Front-End Developer with a background in engineering. Opened to new career opportunities. Stack: HTML5/ CSS3/ SASS/ BEM/ Bootstrap/ JavaScript (es6)/ Ajax/ JSON/ Git/ React(learning). English: intermediate. Feel free to contact me and send a test task.

HTML5, CSS3, HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, BEM, Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, ES6, OOP, MVC, GIT, AJAX, JSON, REST API, WebSockets, Gulp

- Semantic, cross-browser and adaptive layout - Experience in creating responsive layout templates - Development of javascript applications - Work with the server (REST API )

I'm looking for a Front-End Developer position where I`ll be able to delve into the study of React and become an integral part of the team. Interesting projects, tasks and of course professional growth.

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