Data Scientist

Kyiv · $700 · Intermediate

Media and Advertising Adops Specialist | Direct Publishers Partnerships *Setting up ad slots for google ads *Managing, analysis and optimization of ads KPIs *Client management Media Manager *Analytics and recommendations for media planning *Competitive overview *Annual media activities strategy development *Managing media campaigns *Annual and weekly campaigns reports *Document management and financial reporting *Client management TV-Planner *Analytics and recommendations for TV-media planning *TV-media strategy development *Managing, analysis and optimization of TV-campaigns KPIs *Campaigns reports *Sales houses communication

Machine Learning, Algorithms, Probability Theory & Statistics, Linear Algebra, Python3, Pandas/Numpy/Scikit-learn, SciPy, Matplotlib, plotly, seaborn, PostgreSQL, Jupyter Notebook, MS Excel

I like working with data, finding a correlation, meeting the challenges and optimizing any actions. I believe that statistics as much as possible is alive science. I started studying Python, SQL and Machine Learning for data analysis. Please check out my GitHub page. I continue to learn and improve my skills, and take specialized courses (kaggle, coursera, etc.) The next step will be a study of deep learning and artificial neural networks. And now I want to apply the acquired skills and knowledge to transform the data into a convenient format for solving real business tasks. My qualities such as analytical thinking, the desire to be on the same wavelength with the development of the industry, diligence and responsibility will be useful for solving business goals.


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Fast-growing data scientist with experience both as a data analyst and data scientist, big ambitions and clear goals. Looking for a job with the ability to develop both technical skills and soft skills. Interested in data science and data analysis. Ready (and looking forward) to challenge hard work and deadlines. About me: highly motivated, multitasking, responsible, sociable, persistent. Technical skills: SQL(Vertica, AWS Athena), python(Pandas, Numpy, SKlearn), Git.

Python, Data Science, SQL, pandas, scikit-learn, Jupyter Notebook, Git, NumPy, Excel, Analysis, Machine Learning, Pandas, numpy, Matplotlib, Jira, sklearn, Sklearn


Golang Developer

Dnipro, Kiev · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

1.5+ year experience of Golang developing with microservices architecture. Very active and friendly, ready to learn new, help others, develope myself and try something new. Open to any suggestion and interesting projects - ready to discuss vacantions :)

Golang, GraphQL, Docker, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, OOP, Agile/SCRUM, GitHub, REST, Microservices architecture, Go-Swagger, Go Meta Linter, Go Vendor, Postman, GinGonic, GoMock GinJWT, AWS, Jenkins, C#, Unity, PostgreSQL



Kyiv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Работа с Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Pentaho CDE. Визуализация данных. Создание аналитических кубов и отчетности.

Python, Machine Learning, SQL, Data Science, pandas, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Deep Learning, Matplotlib, Keras, Pandas, numpy, Tensorflow, Tableau, SSIS

Создание аналитической системы для компании Укртелеком - анализ ежедневных данных по портам на основе информации из различных систем с последующей визуализацией данных в Pentaho CDE.


Data analyst / scientist

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

- Python Script for automatic creation report in google sheets, Google Data Stidio, Power BI. Import and export data to/from different sources (MySQL, Google Big Query etc). Experience with API requests. (pandas, numpy, sklearn, keras,matplotlib, beautifulsoup, selenium) - Familiar with Machine Learning ( Regression, Random Forest, Decision trees, SVM, k-mean, Neural networks) - SQL queries to DWH, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - dashboards and other visualisations in Power BI - Basic of statistic

Python, R (language), SQL, MS PowerBI, DAX, MS SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio

- Finished It-school with final project - text multiclass classificator by Neural network. (Definition of text genre) - Took part in 4 competitions on the - Wrote script for scraping "" for getting info about job openings. - Basic of programing on R - Certificate with honors - Data analysis with R - Certificate with honors. - Basic of statistic

I need a job where I take part in the production of a significant product for me and i will have stars in my eyes.


System administrator

Odesa · $800 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Worked with - Linux Desktop, Debian and Ubuntu server, Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS. Create office communication (LAN, Wi-Fi, VLAN, servers and e.t.c.), printers, networks, conference rooms and other. Organization new place for developer Experience work with: Microsoft products (office, teams, outlook and other) ESXi, WEB Servervs, aws little experience, Apache, Nginx , PostgreSQL, Zabbix, Grafana and ....... Administration video surveillance, access control system, Google Apps and other

VPN, Apache, LAN, Mikrotik, Ubuntu, Linux, Virtual machines, TCP/IP, Zabbix, Nginx, DNS, Windows, Networking, VMware, Python, DHCP

Create new office (lan+wi-fi networks, ip cam end e.t.c.), web servers, administration esxi, work place. Sociable and positive

web servers, virtualization and cloud technology.


Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientyst

Kyiv, Kyiv, Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Udata School, October 2018 – February 2019 (Student of education program) I studied at the first block of study in the Udata School. My team and I completed a few projects during the study. We have a project with Prozorro. Based on the data on tender purchases from the company, we produced the project. The project consisted of two parts BI and ML. The main goal of the project is to solve the problem on which company and the customer could earn money. DELTA-M, March 2019 – today (BA & SQL Developer) For the last six months I have been working at DeltaM, a business & data analyst, working on the development and automation of reports on the work of a certain sector in the company. I was involved in the implementation of the CRM system and automatic telephony in the company. I studied the work of the company and based on that I created a technical task for tuning the CRM system and automatic telephony according to the model of the company. Successfully implemented CRM and telephony in the company, which led to increased productivity. I also wrote tickets to the Developer Dept. describing the additional functionality that needed to be developed to improve the system. COBIT-SOLUTION, October 2019 – Today (Data Analyst & Data Scientist) Last month I have been working as a date analyst. My responsibilities include parsing data, data model building and visualization. 2-3 projects are assigned to each employee, the employee is obliged to develop and maintain dashboards, and the correctness of receiving data is also necessary. To get the data, use Python and ZennoPoster, to visualization use Power BI.

Tableau, Math, SQL, Discriminant analysis, Python, numpy, pandas, Data Science, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, Data Analytics, Git, MySQL, Jupyter

At the moment, I am a student of KPI, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Department of Data Analysis, I am one of the best students in my flow of students. Successfully completed a pedagogical training unit at uData School, following a competitive selection, was able to become their student, and for some time to become entangled in this company. When work in DeltaM, I successfully implemented CRM and telephony in the company, which led to increased productivity.

I would like to get experience in the field of data & business analysis, improve my skills in comunication with clients, visualization data, developing sql scripts,designing and constructing models. Take a cool time in a good team.


Data analyst

Kyiv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Strong background in economics combined with love for data • Used econometrics to develope a wage forecasting model and analyzed factors of wage dynamics in Ukraine • Employed machine learning techniques to analyze remuneration of skills in Ukraine based on vacancies data • Ongoing analysis of the current trends in the Ukrainian labor market • Estimated the optimal dollarization level in Ukraine • Developed a model to analyze default probabilities of commercial borrowers in R • My life goal is to benefit the people I work with and the society

Python, Pandas, Econometrics, Jupyter Notebook, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, Statistcs, SQL, statsmodels, Excel/VBA, Tableau

• Developed a wage forecasting model that performed better than the previous solution • Improved all the internal analytical products at my organization, compared to my predecessor

• Looking for a friendly team of smart people • The company's mission should be meaningful


Senior Software Developer

Kyiv, Vinnitsia · $4300 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Java, Groovy, Python, Javascript/Typescript Spring, Hibernate, Spring Batch, Grails Git, Maven Docker, Tomcat MySQL AWS (EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, RDS, S3), Terraform REST NoSQL (Redis, OrientDB, Neo4j) JUnit, Mockito, Spock Spark MLib Machine Learning

JUnit, Mockito, XML, Design Patterns, Grails, Java, JDBC, JSON, MVC, MySQL, OOP, REST, Spring, AJAX, Git, Hibernate, Maven, Multithreading, Tomcat, docker, OrientDB, Redis, Machine Learning, NLP, Python, Spark, neo4j, TypeScript, Angular, AWS, PostgreSQL

10 years of implementing small and large data-driven applications - most of them are ETL processing and Data Processing. Machine learning experience.

Agile methodology, impactful projects, big data, science, data mining. Ready only for REMOTE or SEMI-REMOTE work (~2 days per week from home).


Data Scientist

Kyiv, EU · $1800 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Руководитель департамента аналитики и фармакоэкономики (базы данных и аналитика для фармбизнеса) Обязанности: - разработка методологий, структурирование данных, визуализация данных, текстовая аналитика. Опыт управления проектом: Пилотный проект по возмещению стоимости лекарственных средств при содействии МОЗ Украины

Python, Machine Learning, SQL, Excel

Создание методологии Пилотного проекта по возмещению стоимости лекарственных средств для льготных групп населения

Хочу развиваться как аналитик, развить навыки в сфере машинного обучения

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