Junior Analyst

Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnitsia · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

4 months of work in OMD Media Direction Intelligence as Junior Data Science Analyst. Practical skills in finding the insights in business processes due to econometrics and business metrics. Passion to details and numbers.

R, Data Science, Machine Learning, English, Data Mining, Tableau, Excel, SQL, Math, supervised learning

•Test task to a company where I learnt R as the instrument for Data analytics and Machine Learning •Experience as Junior Data Science Analyst in the sphere of advertisement •Unit Factory. C programming language UnitPool (July 2018 - August 2018)

Small company, Product, New technologies. Opportunity to automate the routine


Data Scientist

Lviv · $1700 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been working on few large enterprise big data projects as a data engineer and right now working in a product company as a data scientist.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Git, SQL, Math, scikit-learn, numpy, Deep Learning, Jupyter Notebook, Linux, NumPy, Pandas, computer vision, Keras, Matplotlib, Tableau, R, PyTorch, Spark, Big Data, Java, AWS, bash


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $1200 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Разработка и сопровождение системы аналитики в PowerBI. Администрирование базы данных. Разработка хранимых процедур. Участие в ETL процессе.

Business Analysis, SQL, Analytical Skills, MS Excel, PowerBI, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Data analyst


Java Teach Lead/Architect 🔥 

Kyiv · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced Java Architect/Tech lead (> 15 years). (JSE, J2EE, GWT, GAE, Play, Spring, NoSQL) Both server side and client side technologies. English - upper intermediate level. Have strong knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining fields (Genetic Algorithms, neural networks, SVM, boosting, etc) Have deep understanding of SDLC and practical usage of the different methodologies Have experience in conducting negotiations with customers and end-clients support Technical Background: Java Core, Java EE, Spring, GWT, GAE, JDO, NoSQL, RDBMS

Java Core, GAE, GWT, Java EE, JDO, NoSQL, GAE, JDO, Spring

18 August

junior data analyst, junior data scientist, trainee

Kyiv · $600 · Intermediate

My background is analyzing and forecasting data of Ukrainian economics as former analyst in state government (division of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting). My responsibility was preparing different kinds of reports for management. One of my achievement there was accurate forecast for inflation in situation when we had a devaluation of UAH and sharp increase in gas tariffs in 2014. I always taking into account many different factors when making any decisions. Analyzing is a part of my life in any situation. So I would like to realize myself in data analysis in future with using different program tools. I'm ready to get position related to this field of science to bring myself closer to my goal. I have basic knowledge of Python and its libraries like NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels. Also know SQL and Git. I know html and css, have common knowledge of JavaScript. I am a team player and good-learner always looking for self-developemnt and improving my knowledge base. I've finished already: - Data Analyst with Python career track on; - Berterlsmann Data Science Challenge Scholarship course on which was included 3 parts: descriptive statistic, Python and SQL; - frontend course from GoIT(with all homeworks on GitHub). To practice in data analysis I created projects on GitHub. Now I have forecasts of some world commodity prices by using Arima model.

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Data Science, SQL, pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Excel

18 August

Data Scientist

Kyiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Programming languages: Python. Python libraries: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas, scikit-learn, seaborn, tensorflow (basic skills), Keras. Knowledge of database: PL\SQL, PostgreSQL. Other: git.

Oracle SQL, Python, Machine Learning, PostgreSQL, Deep Learning, Keras, Git, Hive, Hadoop, Tensorflow

18 August

.NET Full Stack developer with Machine Learning experience 🔥 

Kharkiv · $2200 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Два года коммерческого опыта работы с .NET платформой: C#, ASP.NET Web Api, Core Web Api Angular 5-7, React, Redux, Node, Xamarin Mongo Driver, MSSQL, Azure, Jira Год опыта на Kaggle Competitions. Deep Learning, NLP, Bert, Recurent NN, Convolutional NN, Image Segmentation, Pytorch, Catboost, LightGBM.

Machine Learning, Python, pytorch, Deep Learning, NLP, Boosting algorithms, CatBoost, .NET, Angular, ASP.NET WebAPI, JIRA, Scrum, MongoDB, MS SQL

Два года опыта работы .Net Core + Angular 5-7. Есть опыт работы с Node js и React + Redux с развертыванием на Azure. Так же работал с Xamarin Forms. Решал задачи бинарной классификации текстов, сегментации изображений а также классификации на основе большого набора свойст. Активно интересуюсь machine learning и готов в свободное время развиваться в этом направлении, также готов совмещать обязаности .Net разработчика и ML с даунгрейдом по заробной плате.

Веб разработка с возможностью решать machine learning задачи

18 August

Data analyst

Kyiv, Lviv · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Main responsibilities from the last to jobs: - Resolve support issues and provide fast troubleshooting (ETL/BI) - Configuration and management of monitoring and alerting (Tableau/ETLFM) - Configuration and management of data validation processes - Optimizing Tableau & Redshift performance - Monitor and react on system alerts, improve overall sustainability Using tools: Tableau, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, ETLFM, Bitbucket, Rundeck - Trace back reporting results through several databases and systems back to the original source records - Test the developed solution - Developing QlikView applications - Ensure data accuracy and correction of mistakes - Provide timely, relevant and complete reports using SQL quires - Developing metrics and processes to ensure quality standards are met on new and existing data - Answers general and advanced questions to assist users with QlikView - UI research and optimizations Using tools: SQL scripting, QlikView, MS Excel,Grafana, Google analytics, Jira, Trello

PostgreSQL, QlikView, Git, SQL, Tableau, Scrum

- Decreased number of errors in Tableau (reports,datasource refresh fails) from 130 to 5 in average per day. - Migration from BI host jobs scheduling to Rundeck. - Described 95% of metrics used in QlikView applications (30+ apps) - Initiated the "definition of done" to close the task - Initiated the dashboard creation for monitoring system stability and data loading - Built a daily report system for 4 departments and 2 projects - Developed 15+ dashboards for ad-hoc tasks in Metabase using complex PosgreSQL queries - Created a model of daily plans and forecasts for 10+ metrics

18 August

Data scientist

Kyiv · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

R, Python, Julia, tensorflow, keras, mxnet, xgboost, caret Machine learning, deep learning, data science, biostatistics

Biostatistics, Clinical trials, Machine Learning, R (language), Deep Learning, Python, Julia

18 August

Data Scientist

Kyiv · $2300 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

​ - developing a program for processing financial documents by using Computer Vision. ​ I was responsible for developing an object detector in a financial images processing project; - multi-class video semantic segmentation model. I was responsible for developing a neural network for speeding up video semantic segmentation processing; - developing models for user activity prediction by machine learning algorithms (boosting models, linear regression, etc.).

Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, Linux, Deep Learning, Algorithms, PyTorch, Keras, NumPy, computer vision, scikit-learn, numpy, Matplotlib, Data Mining, Git, R, Pandas, Big Data

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