Data Scientist, Data Analyst

Kyiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Более 5 лет применяю анализ данных как основной метод решения бизнес-задач. Проекты (от новых к старым): 1. Картирование плотности населения Киева, чтобы найти подходящие локации для открытия новых магазинов Watsons. Использован R, Selenium, Shiny, Yandex Geocoding API, MS SQL. Источки данных: сайт ГИОЦ, данные о геолокации домов, остановок транспорта, магазинов с Google Maps и Yandex Maps, результаты подсчета пешеходного трафика, результаты счетчиков трафика магазинов Watsons, статистика продаж магазинов. 2. Кластеризация покупателей Watsons, чтобы сформулировать отдельные коммуникационные и промо стратегии для каждой из групп. Использован R, MS SQL, K-mean cluster analysis. Источники данных: персонализированная статистика продаж по карточкам лояльности Watsons из Siebel CRM, доступность стока по магазинам, календарь промо активностей, календарь рассылок. 3. Поиск факторов влияющих на продажи магазина Watsons, построение предиктивной модели для инвестицинной оценки открытия новых магазинов. Использован R, PCA analysis, Google geocoding API, MS SQL, регрессионая модель с помощью нейросети на Keras + Tensorflow. Источники данных: еженедельная статистика продаж всех магазинов Watsons за последние 5 лет, информация о наличии стока в магазинах, более 100 факторов в динамике описывающих каждый магазин и его окружение, экономическая статистика Украины. 4. Оценка минимально приемлемой ликвидности для Beiersdorf UA, чтобы разместить излишние средства на депозит. Использован R, MySQL, descriptive statistics. Источники данных: выгрузка банковских выписок по счетам компании за последние 5 лет. 5. Оценка уровня baseline продаж+трендов по товарным группам Beiersdorf UA, для правильного промо планирования. Использован R, MsSQL, time series analysis. Источники данных: ежедневная статистика продаж дистрибьюторов компании за последние 2 года, календарь промо активностей, отчеты о промо расходах.

R, SQL, Keras, Tensorflow, Regression analysis, Linux, R Shiny, Excel/VBA, Machine Learning, google cloud

- MBA - Многолетний опыт менеджмента, в т.ч. стратегического - Применяя Data Scence заработал работодателям более 40М UAH за последние 3 года

Возможность развиваться как Data Scientist. В перспективе нескольких месяцев - возможность практиковать Python


Junior Data Analyst

Kyiv · $500 · Upper Intermediate

2 years expierience in Marketing: - Optimized conversion for Facebook Ads - Modified existing databases -Created ticket sales prediction for events - Implemented Google Analytics - Conducted competitive analysis - Prepared detailed reports - Identified new promising areas for product monetization

pandas, SQL, Power BI, Excel, Python, Tableau, numpy, Matplotlib, Google Analytics, Jupyter Notebook, Analysis and research

Certificates: PricewaterhouseCoopers ( - Data-driven Decision Making Yandex & MIPT ( - Math and Python for Data Analysis - Introduction to Python for Data Science - Introduction to SQL for Data Science - Spreadsheet Basics - Python 3 Fundamentals - SQL Fundamentals Data Science UA - Make math great again. Basic Mathematics Course - Data Science Visualization Course: 2.0 by Dmitry Guzenko

Friendly team, qualified mentor, interesting tasks.


Python Developer

Odesa · $1100 · Advanced/Fluent

I've recently graduated with master's degree in Computer Science. I don't have commercial experience yet. I've been usually carrying out the following tasks in the projects I've been involved in during my studying: + data pre-processing including data cleaning, noise and missings removal, anomaly detection. + searching for relationships between variables. + dimensionality reduction for datasets with large number of variables, using the following techniques: PCA, MDS, t-SNE. + data clustering using the following algorithms: k-Means, hierarchical clustering. + building classification models mostly based on MLPs and SVM, but the following algorithms were occasionally used: linear/logistic regression, stochastic gradient descent, naive Bayes. + models evaluation using different test scores. + data visualization using various techniques. Besides what was mentioned earlier, I have experience in the following topics: + working with 'requests' library for data scraping, 'regex' for parsing textual data, etc. + working with SQL databases, performing not very complex SQL queries. + building basic multithreading and multiprocessing applications. I'd like to continue my path as a Data Scientist. I'm really passionate about AI, computer vision, machine learning, big data, etc. Though I wouldn't mind working as a Software Engineer, as I want to improve my skills and try different aspects of the IT industry.

Python 3, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Requests, Regex, Git, SQL, Data Science, Data Mining, Neural Networks


Data Scientist/ ML Engineer

Kharkiv · $1150 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

I have hands on experience in the development of scripts for data analysis, building predictions based on the obtained values and basic experience in CI. I have good organizational communication and interpersonal skills. I enjoy working in both individual and team settings. As part of the team, I worked closely with the customers to understand, model, predict, segment and monetize customers needs Key responsibilities: • Building both large systematic reports and one-off small pieces of analysis; • Providing on-going reporting and performance monitoring from multiple data sources; • Proactively developing new analyses and insights, to drive decisions and strategies; • Debugging and problem solving issues to ensure delivery of accurate metrics; • Develop and implement data collection methods and systems from multiple sources; • Collect and interpret data in functional and creative ways; • Analyze data or results to find patterns, correlations, and trends that can be propagated throughout the company; • Report results to relevant members of the company;

Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Data analysing, Data Analytics, Math, pandas, scikit-learn, Data Science, numpy, Algorithms, Jira, Git, Jupyter, MySQL, Data Mining, Probability Theory & Statistics, Spark, Jupyter Notebook, Predictive Models, predictive modeling

Interesting projects, a good and interesting team, the opportunity to consolidate knowledge and get new ones.


Game design

Remote work, Ukraine · $2800 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Game design, Lead Game design, Analyst Tableau, Confluence, JIRA, Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4

game design, UX, analyst

Interesting projects


junior data analyst, junior data scientist, trainee

Kyiv · $600 · Intermediate

My background is analyzing and forecasting data of Ukrainian economics as former analyst in state government (division of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting). My responsibility was preparing different kinds of reports for management. One of my achievement there was accurate forecast for inflation in situation when we had a devaluation of UAH and sharp increase in gas tariffs in 2014. I always taking into account many different factors when making any decisions. Analyzing is a part of my life in any situation. So I would like to realize myself in data analysis in future with using different program tools. I'm ready to get position related to this field of science to bring myself closer to my goal. I have basic knowledge of Python and its libraries like NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels. Also know SQL and Git. I know html and css, have common knowledge of JavaScript. I am a team player and good-learner always looking for self-developemnt and improving my knowledge base. I've finished already: - Data Analyst with Python career track on; - Berterlsmann Data Science Challenge Scholarship course on which was included 3 parts: descriptive statistic, Python and SQL; - frontend course from GoIT(with all homeworks on GitHub). To practice in data analysis I created projects on GitHub. Now I have forecasts of some world commodity prices by using Arima model.

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Data Science, SQL, pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Excel


Machine Learning Engineer

Remote work, Georgia · $2800 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked on AI models for secret military projects (2017 - Current) Implemented entrance check system based on face recognition (2018) Created end to end real time Text to Speech system on Georgian language (2019)

Python, Keras, Tensorflow, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, SQL, PHP, C++, Machine Learning, Java, JavaScript, Algorithms, Data structures

• Invited to MIT Grand Hack for presenting AI healthcare project (2018) • Presented research on cigarette detector and collector rover robot at IEEE Conference. (2018) • 3rd place at Microsoft Imagine Cup regional finals for extracting cardio waves from old ECG machines and predicting cardio vascular diseases. (2018) • Got into the top 5 teams worldwide that advance to finals at Microsoft AI Guardian, for translating gesture language to text/audio and vice versa. (2019 Trainings • Nano-degree courses in self-driving cars and computer vision by Udacity President Sebastian Thrun (2018) • Computer vision course offered by Georgia Tech. (2018) • Deep Learning course by Geoffrey Hinton (2018)

looking for the company that will help me to improve my skills as MA learning Engineer


Blockchain Developer

St. Petersburg · $1500 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Solidity, Truffle, Metamask, Python, Android, Web3.js, Neo, Ethereum blockchain, Smart contract development and audit, Technical review of ICO projects

Solidity, Smart Contract audit, Truffle, Android, Android SDK, Java, Python, Algorithms, Web3.js, Swift

Пишу статьи связанные с блокчейном Опыт работы в HashEx как блокчейн разработчик и аудитор смарт контрактов, также в агентсве ICORating как технический блокчейн аналитик, аудитор смарт контрактов.

Ищу проекты, которые заинтересованы найти аудитора/разработчика смарт контрактов, децентрализованных приложений или аналитиков блокчейна и проектов.


Разработчик баз данных

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

SQL, Transact SQL, PL/SQL Проектирование и разработка баз данных с нуля Доработка существующих баз данных Проектирование архитектуры систем Управление командой разработчиков Интеграция различных систем Аналитика/Разработка отчетности Управление проектами

Product management, SQL, T-SQL, MySQL, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL

Большой опыт проектирования и реализации сложных систем. Томское пиво - внедрение бюджетирования отделов (Парус), внедрение системы мобильной торговли (Оптимум), внедрение системы управления ресторанным комплексом (R-Keeper + StoreHause) Сибирская Аграрная Группа - разработка и внедрение системы прослеживаемости на предприятиях холдинга (Убой, Мясопереработка, Производство комбикоромов) Множество проектов интеграции различных систем с решениями на платформе 1С.

Участие в сложных и интересных проектах

18 June

Business Analyst

Kyiv · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

* Operations Director in e-commerce project * Business Analyst, Operations Manager in hardware startup * Business Analyst in a tobacco manufacturing company * Project Manager in a web design studio * QA Engineer in an automotive company

Jira, SQL, Scrum, Agile, Quality Assurance, Git, Confluence, Windows, Linux, Android, JSON, Jenkins, Use cases creation, Analysis, Business Analytics, Requirement analysis, Requirements analysis/clarification

Helped the teams get more value out of data to measure and improve their performance, decision-making for the real-world impact.

1) Great product; 2) Powerful team; 3) Dynamic processes.

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