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About Chief Product Officer, Mediately

At Mediately we help doctors make better decisions, helping them choose the right treatment at the right moment for their patients. With our app, we make their jobs easier and we save them time, so they can dedicate more time to their real calling – helping patients.

The Mediately app is used daily by 150.000 doctors in eight European countries or, in other words, nearly 10% of all European doctors. We help them answer (literally) millions of their questions each month – about which drug to prescribe, how to prescribe it, how to diagnose a disease, and much more. And according to our users we do it well.

Our app is the best rated medical app worldwide, with a 4,8β€―/β€―5 rating from more than 17.000 reviews from satisfied doctors. As the use of our app doubles every year and is on track to become the #1 doctor app in Europe, we are growing fast as a company and are in constant search for people passionate to improve healthcare.

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