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About Approach Digital Group

Approach Digital Group is a boutique digital agency startup focused on providing strategy and execution support to B2C and B2B companies with existing and emerging digital channels and initiatives.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled practitioners with an average of 12 years of experience building and growing digital programs and companies (all of us have started, operated, and in some cases sold our own ecommerce and digital companies).

We've sat on both sides of the table (as both operators as well as consultants), giving us a unique vantage point to the opportunities, challenges, and perspectives of our clients so often lost on career consultants.

Our focus starts with our clients end goals in mind, and works backwards to derive a strategy and execution plan that aligns with those goals.

Once we have a clear focus, measurement approach, and are addressing the right questions and goals, we work to cater a multi-step execution strategy, that looks at building out a foundation and process, and rolling out at a pace that aligns with our clients ability to scale with it. Too often, we've seen plans that are too aggressive (often by pressure of time horizon), only to be unattainable by the pace at which a team can run.

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