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About KnubiSoft

We are an outsourcing and product company that implements turnkey projects and develops its own products. Our team has significant experience in providing technological solutions and consulting clients around the globe. With our unique approach to development and testing microservice architecture and based on our ROI-saving tool, we ensure a high-quality result.

Knubisoft was founded in 2012, and since 2020 we have changed our technological direction and increased by more than 2 times in one year. Our main goal is to guarantee successful development for our clients and to create a friendly working environment for the Knubisoft team.

Our expertise:

We have strong expertise in the domains of FinTech, Logistics, Healthcare, and Banking & Finance. At Knubisoft, we develop a variety of products including exchange solutions, testing tools, microservice templates, and ROI tools. By combining our expertise and creativity, we complete all our projects successfully.

Our clients:

We have completed more than 100 projects and gained worldwide recognition for our high-quality results. The majority of our clients come from the USA, the UK, and numerous European countries. Our team cooperates with various companies including large logistics corporations, investment funds, and healthcare organizations.
Free and transparent communication with clients is crucial for us because each successful project is a result of joint efforts and decisions made on common ground. We do our best to be on friendly terms with each client and that leads to long-term relationships.

Our values:

We acknowledge the importance of technological development but we also cherish the growing community of specialists inside our company. We are about:

— Expertise. We work with people who treat their job with respect and responsibility. We provide all the opportunities for showing the best results and meeting our clients’ expectations.

— Product. The final result of our joint efforts is the product and we care about each step of its creation. We combine our experience and creativity to develop outstanding products and we never exhaust the opportunities to become better in our job.

— Growth. We are especially proud of our Trainee centers where we help new specialists to gain knowledge and the first job after successful training.

— Teamwork. We aim to build a strong community of highly skilled people. Our top managers never hesitate to give advice and welcome the newbies into the Knubisoft family.

— Fun. We nurture the idea of sharing the fun with colleagues after a working week. We arrange lots of activities in our offices including board games, themed corporate events, cozy evening conversations, and exciting trips.

Our locations:

We have two green cozy offices in the very heart of Kharkiv. Each of them is well-equipped and full of working and resting areas where our team members can do their job in the most comfortable environment and have great joy communicating, playing numerous games, and chilling in their free time. Our kitchen never fails to provide the best drinks and sweets for creating a flawless atmosphere of friendship and efficiency.
We also work remotely all around Ukraine and support the idea of hiring great talents from different cities and countries of the world.

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