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About softCannery

softCannery is a digital process automation leader delivering transformative solutions and software engineering services that enable our clients to rapidly build and deploy essential services to their customers. Using Agile best practices, we enable unrivaled DevOps Automation, QA Automation, Cloud Native Development, and Business Process Automation capabilities for our clients.
softCannery's digital process automation solutions combine a unique blend of deep expertise and engineering best practices to deliver outcomes and solutions for our clients. From our extensive DevOps experience gained from executing projects delivering complex platforms and applications, we have built blueprints and accelerators to facilitate our services and technical consulting for migrating and delivering applications to the cloud. We specialize in delivering results for the telecommunications, media & entertainment, and financial services industries.
Project information (tech stack, etc.)

eCommerce project implemented currently is for Canadian client of softCannery. It is complete reengineering and replacement of existing old company’s website, inventory management, POS, management of online sales channels and migration of massive product inventory data to new system. Shopify eCommerce platform is used for implementation of project. Client company is a leader in trading precious metals, jewellery, watches, collectibles in Canada. This is fixed term/scope/price project with high autonomy and freedom of engineering decisions taken by softCannery team. And we are in active search of Senior Shopify eCommerce Developer and UI/UX designer for this project with duration of 6 months. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested to find out more about it and participate in this project.
eCommerce technology stack:
• Shopify platform
• Shopify liquid code and its advanced concepts
• JavaScript, DOM, CSS3 and HTML5
• Storefront API and custom themes
• Liquid templating and theming Shopify
• Shopify properties or objects, Meta fields, and AJAX API
• 3rd-party APIs and services along with Shopify plugins
• Shopify liquid, jQuery, CSS, HTML
• Shopify JS APIs (storefront, AJAX Cart, Sections, etc.)
• Version control system (Git)
• React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux)
• Responsive design framework (Bootstrap 4 preferred)

Other Business Process Management & DevOps typical projects implemented currently are for US customers providing services in data analytics and financial area. They are targeted to build business process automation software, with microservices, business process management engine and React frontend deployed to AWS, GCP clouds. Majority of company projects are fixed term/scope/price project with high autonomy and freedom of engineering decisions taken by softCannery team.
BPM Project. Implement Business workflows creation engine based on accelerator (plugin), that was developed by softCannery:
DevOps project. Provision automation of cloud environments, tenants in AWS & GCP clouds utilizing serverless services & business workflows
Built applications and services delivery rely heavily on automated CI/CD pipeline with QA automation. Modern Cloud native technology stack is used in the project which is presented below:
DevOps/QA Automation
• System administration: Unix-like OS
• Scripting (Bash, Python, Go, etc.)
• Java, Scala, Groovy for sophisticated tasks execution
• Work with networks and TCP/IP protocols
• Build automation and continuous integration tools (Jenkins, JenkinsX, GitHub Actions)
• Version control systems (GIT, GITHub, BitBucket)
• Databases: MongoDB (NoSQL), Postgres, replication and tuning concepts
• Cloud services utilization: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OpenStack
• Kubernetes cloud environment management and administration
• Configuration management tools: Terraform, Helm, Docker
• Distributed/Cloud Computing
• Highly available distributed software
• Work with modern cloud microservices architectures
• Java8, Spring Boot 2.x
• JPA/Hibernate, SQL, noSQL
• Deployed to major clouds - AWS, GCP, Azure
• Source code control systems (GITHub, BitBucket)
• Microservices
• Openstack, Docker, k8s
• Camunda, BPMN
• Infrastructure as code, CI/CD pipelines, and automated tests
• Maintaining test quality through execution of Unit and E2E tests
• Build high performance, distributed and scalable system
• Front-end web development utilizing CSS/SASS and HTML5;
• React and modern JavaScript frameworks
• Progressive web apps
• Version control systems (GIT, GITHub, BitBucket)
• UI design
• Implementation of secure and responsive web applications
• Browser-based debugging and performance testing
• Work with infrastructure as code, CI/CD pipelines, and automated tests
• Maintaining test quality through execution of Unit and E2E tests
• High performance, distributed and scalable systems

Company’s HQs: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Remote overseas engineers: Krakow, Poland & Kyiv, Ukraine

Company website: