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About Scentbird

About Scentbird

Scentbird inspires fragrance lovers to go beyond the ordinary and sample scents that evoke passion, confidence, and the unknown. Our mission is to revolutionize the way we perfume by bringing the ultimate fragrance playground right to your fingertips and offering a digital subscription service that lets members choose from over 500+ designer perfumes each month.

About the project

For many people it might seem that our service is very simple, what's hard about selling perfume online? The truth is - it's not that simple, lets take a look:
- Website was created from 0 because we have a lot of custom functionality, like perfume queue
- CRM system for our customer support was also created from zero and has a lot of external integrations (with Zendesk for example)
- Warehouse execution system for our fulfillment center that can serve our needs
- BI System (Snowflake, Looker, DBT)
- Perfume Recommendation Engine
- And many-many more

A couple of words about our tech stack:

- React, Redux, Preact and TypeScript for our frontnd
- Java 15 + Postgres for backend (we still have some Groovy + Grails 3.4, but at some point will get rid of it completely)
- Kubernetes, Docker and many other cools things from our SRE team
- AWS Stack - EC2, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, RDS, Redshift, Elasticache and many many more (I believe AWS launched another service while you were reading this paragraph)
- Continuous Deployment with Gitlab, Feature Toggling
- New Relic, Sentry and Grafana for monitoring (yes, we love dashboards!)

Company website: