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About YouPal Group

Youpal Group is focused on making the products that are relevant both today and tomorrow. Our endeavour is to design the best digital infrastructure roadmap solutions. As we see it, the sky is the limit. And for that, we build upon a cloud.

Youpal Group builds, owns and invests in the foundation of a variety of companies. The industries in which in operate include med-tech, ed-tech and a plethora of other services and solutions. We own a cloud, we dream upon this cloud and build upon it continuously.

Initially, the company was founded with an IT focus. As IT permeates through so many industries, the vision of the company evolved. It now focuses on the virtualisation and technological advancement of every industry and business, regardless of the size and type
Creating a roadmap with solutions designed to meet specific business requirements is now what Youpal is focused on. Your endpoint is our venture, irrespective of your starting point. Without You, there is no Youpal, as you are its most important component. Our business is to be your Pal in enabling your digital infrastructure culture. That is the key to every single door we open.

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