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Epic Story is an innovative solution-oriented agency that helps advance your business, project, or startup to the next level. We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create changes that matter most to them.

Our work is founded on a solid understanding of every client's context. We study businesses, trends, tools, and emerging best practices for any organization's hierarchy level on both internal and external sides.

Our services:
• Business and Project analysis;
• Project & Product management;
• Workflow design and implementation;
• Audit of business ecosystem and tools;
• Setting up management and business tools;
• Business ecosystem or tools maintenance and support;
• Technical documents creation - SOPs, flow charts, diagrams.

For our clients, we also offer:
➕ Human resource management, hiring, and staffing;
➕ MVP development and launching;
➕ Web & App development;
➕ Marketing services.

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