Company details

Online Learning is undoubtedly the way education will evolve in the 21st century. And it is naturally our passion.

Our leaders have extensive experience in content creation, teaching, and L&D processes design, almost always using educational technologies. After trying different platforms and approaches we’ve chosen Open edX as the main EduTech focus.

Open edX is one of the leading eLearning platforms worldwide, and Raccoon Gang founders were amongst the platform developers back in 2013.

However, we do not concentrate on Open edX solely and are able to design and develop any custom eLearning solution due to our team members having strong technical background and deep understanding of eLearning technology.

The majority of our teammates have the R&D background (PhDs in Physics/Mathematics/ Computer Science) and ample history of successful project management. This basis, along with decent experience in teaching, including eLearning, helps us highlight key elements of the project and come up with top-notch solutions.