About Zajno

We are a cozy crew. As a group of individuals united by the same values, we are committed to the common goal of making people’s lives a bit easier and less boring. We do that by creating web and mobile experiences to help businesses promote the ideas we also believe in. We are non-corporate, no-bullshit and independent. We put people over profit and underground over mainstream. We believe that openness is the basis of effective human interaction. Experimenting and breaking the status quo is what we love. Change doesn’t frighten us, we embrace it and enjoy constantly adapting to it. We don’t think life would be easier if things stood still — we think it would be intolerably boring. Are we perfect? Hell no. We make mistakes as any human being does, but we acknowledge them and learn our lesson daily. And that’s how we stay strong. Because in this world you have to run as fast as you can just to stay in the same place.

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