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About Mindframe

MindFrame is building a future of digital mental wellness. There are a few software products you’ll be able to work on:
Yuna  - AI-powered mobile app companion, that helps users work through tough times and grow as a person, just like a digital mental therapist;
Mindframe Affirmations - a web app allowing users to generate customized affirmation tracks with AI, helping users focus on achieving their goals every day.

There are 3 core values that our every single team member shares:

-Collaboration is king. There are no lone wolves in the team, we work as solid unit;
-Innovation is progress. We constantly embraces new changes and technologies, to find ways to work better together;
-Transparency is key. Regardless of your role in the company, you can contribute to the way things are done in our company. No one is as smart as we all are together.
If you resonate with these values, keep reading.

People you’ll have a chance to work with at Mindframe are simply exceptional. Here are a few things our new team members said within first couple months of joining:

“I didn’t expect such an amazing culture”
“I’m suprised I can talk directly with management and CEO”
“I love being heard and contribute to our processes here”

The reason? We have a vetting process that allows us to gather the best of the best in our team.

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