About Kozak Agency

We are a rapidly expanding software development company with almost 40 talented developers specializing in web development, mobile development, and cloud-based solutions.

Our firm expertise encompasses a wide range of contemporary web and mobile development tools. The most frequently demanding and widely used out of a list of our tech instruments are JavaScript and its modern frameworks, Node.js-based tools and frameworks, relational and non-relational databases, cloud computing platforms, mobile development languages and frameworks.

As the company thriving to meet the most distinctive client necessities we are extremely flexible in terms of development and provide a broad spectrum of development services onwards from turn-key basis solutions to uniquely tailored client requests.

Nowadays, in the comprehensive range of numerous industry fields, we have been attempting to diversify our portfolio with previously unexplored realms of activity.

The list of fields we already possess rock-solid expertise includes finance, education, healthcare, marketplaces, social networks, legal services, real estate, logistics and transportation, energy and utilities, blockchain, and others.

Throughout a period of our decently long journey, we as the company successfully developed and launched over 100 web products and brought unforgettable experience to plenty of end users.

The geography of customers embraces a significant part of the world globe: US, UK, Israel, EU, Australia, Canada are amongst the most common ones.

Kozak Agency company this is a friendly environment for professionals and also a great web development community.
There is a cozy space where we can arrange our meetings and team buildings.
We believe that a high level of communication is an important part of people's success and strong partnerships.

Looking forward to hearing from your CV!
Join our team and become a new part of our community.

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