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About Todor3D

The software development company was founded in 2018 by Maxim Todorov, a full-stack developer, and entrepreneur.
Todor3D helps retail, industrial, real estate companies, and startups to create websites and web apps that present products using 3D and AR/VR technologies.
The mission of Todor3D is to change common perceptions of websites by making a revolutionary shift from 2D to 3D presentation and establishing new standards in this industry.
The main feature of Todor3D’s approach is uniting developers, designers, and high-level marketers into a single team to create products that will raise company profits, increase their value and innovativeness, and bring the user’s experience to the next level.
At the moment, Todor3D’s team consists of 35 people. And we are going to reach 60 employees by 2025.

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