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The company was founded in 2019 and is already the largest Airport Operations Tracking Provider globally. With over 1200 active users and over 300 airports in the US alone, virtower is a service provider for airports and governmental entities in the US, South America, Asia and Europe.

We provide reliable situational awareness of airspace and ground operations. We detect takeoffs and landings, ground movements, parking, and use of restricted areas in the air and on the ground. We provide noise abatement, fleet management and a variety of other services according to customer requirements.

To implement all these functions successfully and reliably and to operate them safely, a complex system of software and hardware and sophisticated mathematical models is required. The amount of data to be processed is high, reaching hundreds of thousands of readings per second and millions of data points stored per day.

Our main concern is security, reliability and independence. Therefore, all R&D is done in-house and includes software (frontend and backend, OS) and hardware.

To continue our steady growth (we expect to double the customer basis within the next 24 months), we are looking for frontend, backend, hardware developers, documentation specialists and quality testing engineers with the skills described in the respective job profile.

What makes us stand out besides the technical features? We love what we do, we love aviation and new technologies, we don't list problems but find solutions, we don't believe in excel sheets but in design models and we always have a product in mind. And we prefer communication to long processes.

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