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About International IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter

Lucky Hunter is the leading international IT recruitment agency. With over 13 years of experience, our team has a deep understanding of global recruiting trends and a proven track record of building successful IT teams for companies all over the world.

At Lucky Hunter, we believe in selective recruitment and take the time to thoroughly understand the needs and goals of our clients. This helps us to provide highly relevant candidates and ensures a successful match.

Our unique neuroscientific approach has resulted in a very low candidate replacement rate and has earned us a reputation for excellence in the industry.

We pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency and provide the first candidates for our clients within just 4 workdays. We also offer free replacements of candidates in the rare event that they leave the company before the end of their probationary period, as well as attractive discounts for startups.

With offices in Dubai, London, Yerevan, and Astana, we are well-equipped to handle IT staffing needs on a global scale. No matter where you are located or what language you speak, we have the expertise and resources to find the perfect IT professionals for your team.

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