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About SnapAds

We unite talented people who strive to do and work on great things, who have product, result-oriented mindset and great ideas.
Our values:

- Contribution;
- Passion;
- Growth.

Our project is a social media marketing SAAS platform for the local US market. The main focus of the platform is to allow any social media user to create content for a local business (in fact, our platform connects businesses with creators) and aspiring small influencers can start their career with us. With that said, any local business can get good local advertising that converts.

Such views of advertising posts are more profitable for business. For example - you own a coffee shop in a suburb of Austin, Texas. You'd be better off spending $100 for 100 views from people who actually live there and might come to you tomorrow than paying $1000 to an influencer who lives in New York and has a very wide audience and very different demographics.

To allow both users to have a seamless and smooth experience and create a win-win relationship between them we’re building SnapAds. We need you to properly build, release and constantly develop the message to our customers.

Some of our resources:

SnapAds App for creators

SnapAds App for the businesses

Let’s build something great together!

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