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About GigaCloud

GigaCloud is a cloud provider and an international company with Ukrainian roots. Currently, we are expanding into European markets after having established a leading position in our home country, with a robust presence in the B2B sector, boasting over 1,500 clients, 150+ global partners, and 4 data processing centers. Since 2016, we've been pivotal in aiding companies of all sizes in digital transformation using our cutting-edge cloud technologies. Our diverse clientele ranges from major corporations and government agencies to SMEs. Renowned for our 24/7 technical support and bespoke solutions, we operate four data processing centers across Poland and Ukraine, maintaining a 99.95% SLA with financial accountability.

Our mission is to create a cloud space that enhances your freedom!

Our company values

Honesty: We share our opinions openly and constructively, and are willing ​
to listen to others. ​We always express our opinions ​and doubts freely.​ We are grateful to our colleagues, ​clients, and partners for their ​sincere feedback and are ready ​to change for the better.​

Flexibility: We are ready to change the rules of the game on the market, create new solutions, and look for new approaches to work more efficiently and effectively.​We are able to go beyond the boundaries and show ingenuity when taking care of the value of our work for clients, partners, and colleagues.​

Eagerness: We are constantly learning ​something new and developing ideas ​to become better.​ We use every opportunity to make processes more efficient.​ We inspire each other with our commitment to excellence.​We do not stop at what we have achieved. We are always moving forward.​

Determination: We make tough decisions without delay. Our values are a priority when making decisions.​ We are driven by reasonable risk-taking and readiness for possible failures.​ It is normal to analyze the colleague's actions as part of their work. Everyone can make mistakes.

Empathy: We always pay attention to the feelings and emotions of others, and our behavior is based on politeness and respect.​ We seek to act ethically, achieving success in our work and maintaining good relationships between people.​ The most important thing for us is to create and support a positive team atmosphere.​

Responsibility​: We support our team members' desire to take responsibility and provide them with the necessary resources.​ We always proactively overcome all challenges rather than look for ways to avoid them. ​Likewise, we recognize our mistakes and are ready to correct them. ​

Diversity: Our team consists of people of different nationalities, ages, genders, and religions. ​We are all equal among ourselves.​We act in a way that makes each of our employees feel important, useful and needed. ​We may all have prejudice. ​The key is to recognize and overcome it. ​We respect each employee, regardless of their position.​

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