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About ApricusIT

ApricusIT can provide senior tech talents and software product development expertise to build world-class tools and platforms to grow your business. Our deliveries are backed with years of experience and a number of successfully delivered software products for Fortune 500 companies.

Founders and core specialists were driving the development of enterprise-grade software platforms and tools from the very early stages (idea) till the very routine support cycles for years.

We can support you at any software product life-cycle stage:
- Business idea solution research and prototyping
- Proof-of-Concept (PoC) development
- Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development
- Product growth
- Multi-level product support

Our services include:

- Business Analysis
- Product Discovery
- Product Management

- Project Management

- UX/UI Design
- Web and Mobile front-end Development
- Cloud and On-premise server-side Development
- Quality Assurance
- DevOps

- Recruitment and Retention

We gained most expertise in such domains as:
- Marketing
- Media
- Healthcare
- FinTech
- Manufacturing

Our architecture approaches:
- distributed message-based solutions including multi-availability zone and multi-region deployments
- microservices / monolith / hybrid apps
- Single Page Applications (SPA)
- Mobile Applications

Our tech stack:
- AWS and Azure clouds
- .NET, .NET Core, Node.js
- SQL, no-SQL databases
- JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Angular
- Xamarin
- Terraform, Ansible, Octopus, TeamCity

Key facts about our experience:
- Max number of teams within a single project: 12 (distributed)
- Max tech project complexity: 250+ components/microservices with millions of lines of code
- Max project duration: 10+ years of constant evolution

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