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About Custos

Custos is a venture founded in partnership with Benjamin and Batu. It got its name from "Custos", which means guardian in Latin.

Our initial goal was to create a smart system to instantly detect and prevent water leaks in your home, and we succeeded.

With our system, we save property owners from paying for water waste and damages due to water leaks.

In addition, we are excited to provide you with more IoT devices in the near future with our Smart Home platform.

Creating Solutions Improving Lives

We are a technology company specialised in producing safe, comfortable and smart solutions that make life easier.

We are a small team working with the passion of bringing innovative technologies to more people. We dream of solutions that lead us to 'the better', 'the smarter' and 'the more practical', and we try to push the limits in order to realize these dreams.

We'll set new goals in front of us, while we are one step closer to our goals with smarter technology products which we will create a new one every day.

You can reach us 24 hours a day at our website for any comments, suggestions or questions.

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