We, Kivork, are an internationally recognized IT company.

So what makes us different from other companies in the same field? We create from scratch our own search and reservation systems, CRM systems and many other products in the field of transport and travel. Being a company with many innovative ideas, we not only create our own products, but we are also in a continuous and efficient development. Our most important projects that have made us famous worldwide are WowFare, Ovago, HOP2 and Arangrant.

We have carefully chosen the best developers, who are working on the projects from the moment of their conception until the final stage. They constantly monitor their evolution, development and impact on the international market.

The most important partners of our company that we are in a continuous and productive collaboration with are Kayak and Skyscanner. At the moment, Kivork has over 750 employees.

Our benefits include various elements relevant for both personal and professional development within the company, as follows:
- Involvement in product & design discussions - the candidate works on the project from the start until its maturity, analysing the evolution and development, as well as its impact on the international market
- Experience with Large-scale Distributed systems, Microservice architectures, Event-driven architectures & DDD
- A chance to contribute to open source as we set the standards for the digital finance ecosystem and, most importantly, brainstorm and create new directions that the client can take in our quest to make financial services easy and accessible to all
- Motivating and transparent salary
- Work from home
- Work in a friendly international team
- Poople-oriented management
- Job stability and great opportunities for professional growth

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