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About Impact Education Software

We're a UK based (but completely remote) edtech company building to improve the outcomes of children with special needs. A large percentage of schools in the UK still manage special needs processes using pen, paper and shared excel files. It's a great opportunity to make a difference at scale.

We're looking for full stack developers familiar with a Laravel / Laravel Livewire / Postgres stack with experience in performance / profiling a plus. We communicate via Slack and Whatsapp, sprints are managed using kanban on Trello.

There are features, edits and fixes ready to go in our backlog. At the same time if you identify an area you think could be improved (maybe you have a good idea about improving performance or usability) and you'd like to work on it, just let us know.

Further background information below

15% of students aged 5-25 years old have special educational needs, that's 1,500,000 in the UK across 32,000 schools. They require 20 stakeholders to iteratively monitor their performance and provide customised education. This is currently being managed with paper systems and Microsoft word. Instead, schools are now choosing to use our app, SENDit. We also sell to schools in Dubai.

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