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About ReadyTal

We believe that in today's market, talented software developers are too busy and too in demand to have time for games. Remote work, better compensation, and global employment are the new norm - and ReadyTal is the platform that connects employers in this new reality to the talent of today.

How ReadyTal Works:

All software developers on ReadyTal are first pre-screened and skill-assessed according to our own special sauce. This ensures that candidates are capable of performing well as part of a global, remote, and English-based team.

Our marketplace then matches the candidates to open positions from verified employers based on skills, remote work preferences, and compensation range. Employers may then send job offers and intro requests to matched candidates in order to attract their interest.

Candidates always remain completely anonymous to all employers. Candidates may choose to accept communication and meet with an interested employer, ignore any offer, or ask for additional information before deciding on next steps.

Upon accepting a connection, the identity of the candidate is revealed only to that employer. The two parties may then meet directly, conduct more interviews, and agree on their final job offer terms if they so choose.

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