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At Adyton we believe that there is right and wrong in the world. We believe that evil triumphs
when good people stand by and do nothing. We also believe in the power of people to build for a better, safer world, and that if we can, we must. Put simply, we build mobile products that
empower heroes.

Adyton is a veteran-owned, venture-backed American technology company that builds mobile
products for the people who serve. We were founded by Special Operations Veterans James
Boyd and JJ Wilson, who experienced first hand the frustration, isolation, and uncertainty of a
life of service while defending democracy and the values we hold dear. Together, our team
holds a combined 100+ years of military service spanning Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, The
Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Our mobile product Mustr connects troops with leaders, helps field personnel get their jobs
done more efficiently and safely, and creates trusted real-time data for the enterprise -
whether for national security organizations that protect us, or for heavy industries that power
our economies.

Our users rescue people from the ocean, they fight wildfires, and they deliver humanitarian
assistance to where it is needed - whether it’s responding to tornadoes in Arkansas or hostile
actors in foreign lands.
Our investors are Garry Tan at Initialized Capital and Kanyi Maqubela at Kindred Ventures, and
Sven Strohband at Khosla Ventures.
Work on problems that matter. Write code that matters. Build a team that matters.

Whatever you do, make a choice. Choose to stand by, or step up.

We share a team-first culture, which empowers us to choose the right path, not the easy path;
overcome challenges bigger than any one person; and grow more together than we could as
individuals. We are united as owners in our successes, our failures, and the commitments we

⟩ Teamwork is more important than background
⟩ Potential is more important than knowledge
⟩ Integrity is more important than output
⟩ Drive is more important than skill
⟩ Consistency is more important than brilliance

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