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About ChromaWay AB

Chromaway is a blockchain technology company operating since 2014.
It was founded to commercialize Colored Coins, the open source project founded and led by ChromaWay CTO Alex Mizrahi, which can be considered as start of blockchain 2.0
Now this is our company which runs all development, some projects directly in house and some in affiliated companies.

An international company that brings together people who care. Here you'll find business, marketing, and development professionals with experience in the hottest areas of web development today. Our clients include a large audience of blockchain-based games such as Alice, and large government clients (projects Swedish Land Registry, Daimler Real Estate we’re participating in Green Finance and some other finance projects), newspapers write about us, students from leading universities want to practice with us.

The company has both released and successful products and new start-up projects, so whether you are looking for a stable company or a start-up team energy boost, your expectations can be justified with us.

Our products:
Blockchain platform:

Web3 multiplayer builder game:
Web3 mining adventure game:
Web3 RPG multiverse game:
Figitas assets proejct:
Web3 gaming and ecosystem hub:

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