• 6 September

    A Swedish startup within household services is interested in opening a back office in Ukraine, starting with 2 React Native developers and later additionally 2 more next spring. We want to create a team in the same city so we can open an office there later on.

    Andrii Hryshutkin, BDM at xiro.dev
    Kyiv Product   Quarantine Remote · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About xiro.dev

XIRO the Local North Star

We are a Swedish-Ukrainian IT company that builds teams of IT-specialists for companies in Sweden. Our core values are people, products, profits. In this exact order. Our goal is to help exceptional companies to build exceptional teams in Ukraine. We want our developers to be a part of both our and our clients' companies. Direct communication, direct management, direct payments, and direct fun. Your possibility to be a valuable part of new products like Spotify, Skype, or Klarna.


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