• 22 November

    We are looking for a skilled game designer, who will join us to work on new unannounced story-driven game. As a level designer/scripter you will be responsible for creating memorable player experience, designing and implementing gameplay scenes and encounters.

    Viktoriya Hrynkevych, Recruiter at Vostok Games
    Kyiv Product   Office/Remote of your choice · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

About Vostok Games

Vostok Games was founded by Ukrainian game industry veterans in March 2012 in Kiev. Our company is young; however the people at its foundation have multiple years of experience in developing and releasing top-class projects worldwide. The experience gained helps us in making new games of a high quality and ones that are deeply immersive and interactive.
Our projects: Survarium, Fear the Wolves.
Our mission:
To create games that broaden the limits of the human experience that raise current questions of our time. These are questions of science, ecology, relationship of human and nature, cruelty, inventiveness of modern civilization, and, certainly, spirituality.
Philosophy of Vostok Games
"Vostok 1"​ was the first space apparatus to have taken a man (Yury Gagarin) into the orbit of Earth.
The company name symbolizes a brave step towards a new experience provided by technology. This reflects our philosophy — a movement in line with technological progress, developed in harmony with the environment, where, on top of fun, players receive valuable skills and understandings applicable in real life.

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