• 22 October

    We are: Remote team of 28 people. WHAT WE DO: develop projects from scratch or add new features to existing ones. WHY US?: we are transparent, professional and flexible. We offer perfect life-work balance and support your growth in our team.

    Kateryna Vaida, Head of People at TGA Digital
      Full Remote · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 7 October
    .NET Developer $2500-4000

    WE ARE: small international team (30 people) WE DO: develop all types of projects mostly for UK client Work mostly with Python, React js, .NET, PHP. WE LOOK FOR: bright, well skilled developer to become a valuable part of a team WE OFFER: remote work, flexibility, clear processes

    Kateryna Vaida, Head of People at TGA Digital
      Full Remote · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 27 September

    Today you get in touch with us and tomorrow you are: - part of a highly skilled team, where everyone knows what to do. - your ideas are important and being implemented - you create a great product for top sport organization! - you can grow in whatever direction you choose

    Kateryna Vaida, Head of People at TGA Digital
      Full Remote · 2 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 27 September
    QA Engineer $2000-3400

    We Invite bright QA Engineers to join our remote team. With us you get: Independence and opportunity to choose your own path and style of work Work in a supportive environment with loyal management and team members. No pressure related to reaching certain metrics or achieving unrealistic goals.

    Kateryna Vaida, Head of People at TGA Digital
      Full Remote · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About TGA Digital

TGA Digital are a UK based company founded by Mike Sastry (CEO) & Paul Chudleigh (CTO).

We offer secure long term employment. We build teams for the long term, not for a specific project.

We are friendly, smart experienced and our staff retention shows we are good to work with.

Our client vary wildly from major UK companies eg: Intu, Guardian newspaper. To mid sized and even some startups or innovation projects.

Our tech stacks vary also but there are some repeating patterns. Python (Django quite often), .Net, JS approaches Angular/Node/React - AWS, Docker, Puppet, Jenkins seem to recurre quite a lot.

We pay well, in $, but you can probably get a few $ more freelancing. We offer benefits though and we dont drop the team if the work is quiet. Quiter times are for learning training, add certifications etc as we invest in your skills.

If you like very small companies or start ups we are probably not for you.
If you like massive companies we are not for you.
We are currently 30 people. We plan to grow to around 50.
50 really smart flexible guys who work together for many years.

We have been working with remote teams since 2004.

Interviewing what to expect: as mentioned we are looking for long term staff so there are 3 stages. Culture fit and communications, Technical interview, Interview by senior Devs.

English: 95% of all work is done in text English, so text EN needs to be good. Not perfect. Good. Fast in chat. understandable. but we dont care about grammar and spelling so much. Good spoken EN is a bonus, not vital.

Last note : Our website is totally awful. A real embarrassment. But we are super busy with customer work (why we are recruiting). We'll fix it when we have some more quiet time.

Hope that give you an idea about us
Hope to talk to you soon

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