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About SkySilk

SkySilk Cloud Services is a boutique-style cloud services provider. SkySilk offers simple, reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud computing solutions for small to mid sized businesses looking to utilize cloud computing.

We utilize a combination of established hardware and open-source software to create cloud resources that can be utilized at any layer of the Iaas, Paas, or Saas model. Using services like our public/private cloud platform makes spinning up and scaling out thousands of virtual machines as simple as a few clicks.

SkySilk offers a range of cloud services and payment models that can be customized to suit any project requirement. By managing and consolidating cloud resources at every layer, we are able to offer lower prices and cost savings benefits that make sense for any business or developer. Through the use of open source technologies, we are pleased to be able to offer extremely competitive prices that are among some of the cheapest cloud prices currently on the market.

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