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  • 6 January

    Setanta Sports is OTT digital subscription service focused on giving die-hard sports fans access to diverse and exclusive sports content. Setanta Sports offers 24/7 on-demand access to a vast video collection and provides an enormous amount of live content and live streams.

    Mako Mikadze, Recruiting manager at Setanta Sports
    Relocate, Georgia Product   Office/Remote of your choice · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

About Setanta Sports

Setanta Sports is the most extensive media platform in Eurasia and broadcasts over 5000 live events of the world’s best sporting competitions during the season in 13 different countries.

Along with the growth of the sports industry and the development of technology, media needs to keep pace with all of it. Setanta Sports is how we envision the future of sports television and streaming platforms. Our whole team is striving to create the best possible experience for the sports audience. Our main objective is to give users access to the world’s most significant sporting events from the device of their choice.

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