• 20 November

    A leading IT company specializing in technical support for the dental offices in New York is looking for a result-driven and passionate Sales Agent to join our international team! Visit our website to find out more about us: www.dentalht.com.

    Anna Chernikova, HR at RealVirtualTeam
    Kyiv, New York   Full Remote · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

About RealVirtualTeam

Real Virtual Team is a company that provides dental offices in the US with remote assistants from Belarus, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.

The services we offer include:

#1 Outgoing Calls
Confirmation of appointments
COVID-19 pre-screening
Patient information update (address, phone, email, insurance)
Getting feedback the next day after the appointment to see what can be improved

#2 Incoming Calls
Scheduling appointments
Taking messages for staff members
Patient information update (address, phone, email, insurance)
COVID-19 screening

#3 VOI
Calling insurance companies to get a verification of insurance
Full VOI once a year
VOI every 6 months to confirm the same plan is active & amount used to date

#4 Reactivation of Hygiene
Scheduling hygiene appointments for those who were seen most recently to make the next appointment
Scheduling hygiene appointments for those who are 6 months overdue
Scheduling hygiene appointments for those who are 9/12/18 months overdue
Sending a scripted letter after 3 phone calls

#5 Reactivation of Treatment
Up to 3 calls to discuss the treatment needed
Following up with a letter from the practice
Scheduling treatment appointments for those who are scheduled for a consultation/hygiene visit

#6 Insurance Aging and Insurance Pre-Authorization
Calling on all aging claims not paid by the insurance companies
Calling on all pre-treatments sent to the insurance
Sending a list of pre-authorization to the insurance coordinator

#7 Accounts Receivable
Following up on unpaid balance in the patient’s ledger
Mailing a bill to the patients
Calling patients to advise a bill was mailed to them
E-mailing a bill to the patients

All of the remote employees at Real Virtual Team are trained by dental office managers with over 25 years of experience in the New York City area. They are trained in different situations, industry-specific language, and proper mannerisms one would expect of the highest grade office staff.

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