About Cookie Dev

Full-stack iOS and Android Application development agency from Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.
We provide services at every stage of iOS and Android application development process.

Clients come to us with an abstract idea and we help them to turn it into a complete technical specification and then into a neat and functional mobile app on AppStore or Google Play Market.

Our services include but not limited to: creating tech specification, building a mockup, designing future mobile app, development work, application updates and upgrades and many other services connected with iOS and Android development.
Just by contacting us you'll get:
- free consultations for project technical specifications, UX, mobile Apps best practices
- free QA testing with every project. We charge for dev hours only
- free store submission

The core feature of our team is that we guide customers from the start helping them realize their needs and putting their vision into a real mobile application.

We grow our business by helping our customers to grow theirs!

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