Head of Supply Partnership (AdTech) (offline)

What is Admixer?

Admixer is an independent adtech company that develops an ecosystem of full-stack programmatic solutions. Admixer has its own line of adtech products for brands, ad agencies, media houses, publishers, ad networks, and other buy- and sell-side industry players looking for effective ad management. Our customizable technology, in-depth expertise, and personal approach help businesses turn programmatic advertising into a scalable revenue channel.


Our expectations:

We are looking for a Head of Supply Partnership who will oversee and manage all commercial aspects of the supply team, with a primary focus on driving revenue generation, business growth, and team management.


Skills and Competences:

- 5+ years of relevant managing AdTech experience, as well as sufficient knowledge of the programmatic industry.

- Market research and defining the focus of strategic and tactical actions with the following creating of the plans to maximize revenue and market share (tier-1 countries).

- Overall management of the sales and marketing functions, which includes developing sales and marketing plans, setting targets and objectives, and monitoring performance.

- Ability to manage the team, provide team members with effective feedback, create a productive and healthy/non-toxic environment, interact with diverse groups of technical and non-technical people, and provide valuable market feedback (adapting business goals).

- Leading business development initiatives, seeking new partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities for growth.

- Focusing on building and maintaining strong relationships with current partners and helping the team to ensure partners' satisfaction, resolve issues, and identify opportunities for cross-selling or upselling.

- Advanced level of English.


We would like to mention that at Admixer, we constantly strive to improve our processes and working environment. We avoid bureaucracy and complications that hinder the flow of information and process execution. We value and cherish every individual who joins our team.


What can we offer you?

- A variety of interesting tasks that require technical, analytical, and communication skills. It will be more of an adventure than a working routine.

- The ability to realize your own ideas rather than feeling like a cog in the system.

- A unique professional environment where friendship and mutual support have been cultivated for years.

Our principle is that by developing yourself, you develop your team, and by developing your team, you develop the company. We all work towards a common goal, and personal growth is one of the key objectives.

- We discuss our wins and failures at all-hands events, share our experiences on mentorship programs, and grow professionally guided by a personal development plan.

- Competitive salary based on experience and skills.

- Lack of micromanagement. We have neither time nor desire to find the fault at every step. But we rely on your strong self-management skills.

- Good working conditions, either in a convenient office or to work remotely. If you prefer working upside down, it's up to up, and only the result matters.

- Vacation days (21 working days), unlimited sick leave, and common employment benefits.

- Annual salary reviews.


We believe you will love working with us. Learn more about us at

- Admixer Handbook http://surl.li/jfcab

- Instagram www.instagram.com/admixertechnologies

- Facebook www.facebook.com/Admixer

- www.admixer.com