Senior Desktop WPF Software Engineer (offline)

We are looking for a Senior Desktop WPF Software Engineer with experience in each phase of software development; including requirements, design, coding and implementation, test and maintenance with passion for the product. 


Essential Job Duties:

- Develop desktop applications via C#/WPF with main 3D View hosted via hwnd Win32 control

- Design visually appealing and user-friendly UI/UX using XAML

- Write clean and efficient code in C#, following coding standards and best practices

- Support multithreaded architecture

- Intermediate/B1 English


Required Skills & Experience:

- Strong experience in desktop application development.

- Proficiency in C# and .NET Framework with hands-on excellence in WPF

- Strong UI/UX design skills using XAML and Win32 Controls

- Practical use of TPL in desktop applications, thread synchronisation

- Proficiency in debugging, mem profiling, performance profiling, mem dumps, troubleshooting of threading issues


Desirable Skills & Experience:

- Composite Application Design, Rx, PRISM, Channels, WinForms/.NET

- Experience working on 3D CAD Software

- Experience with Win32 Api, DirectX 11

- Experience with Avalonia

- Marshalling and Inter-process communication

- C++/Cli, C++ STD, MFC

- Understanding of Agile methodologies and experience working in Agile environments.

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