Senior Java Developer (Data Processing) (offline)

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Embark on an exciting career journey with eSputnik, Ukraine’s premier marketing automation tool, explicitly designed for forward-thinking ecommerce enthusiasts. Since our inception in 2012, we’ve skyrocketed from a budding startup to Ukraine’s unrivaled market leader. But we didn’t stop there!


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After dominating the local market, we set our sights on international expansion. Today, we’re making bold strides into the EU market and inviting you to be part of this thrilling venture.


We are seeking a talented Senior Java Developer to join our team. Your primary role will be to enhance and evolve our main product, powered by over a hundred Spring Boot services. Additionally, you will play a significant role in developing and refining our key analytical subsystem.


This subsystem is complex and critical to our product. It leverages Kafka for efficient data streaming and processing. You’ll also be working with a range of databases such as MSSQL, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and others, contributing to the robustness and efficiency of our data-handling capabilities.


To Achieve Results, You’ll Need:

✔️ Experience in participating in the development and optimization of high-throughput data-intensive systems.

✔️ Involvement in designing and implementing architectural solutions, especially in the field of processing large volumes of data.

✔️ Working with various relational and non-relational databases, including MSSQL, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, and Cassandra.

✔️ Skills in writing efficient queries and analyzing their performance.

✔️ Development of integration and JUnit tests based on Spring Boot.

✔️ Investigation of system performance issues, profiling, and the creation of monitoring systems.

✔️ Experience working with Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.

✔️ Willingness to work with legacy code and improve it through evolutionary paths.


Why Join eSputnik?


Data-Driven Innovation: Dive into a world where your expertise in data processing is not just valued, it’s pivotal. At eSputnik, you’ll be at the forefront of developing advanced marketing solutions using cutting-edge technologies. Our focus on innovative data analysis and processing sets us apart, and your role will be crucial in driving this.


Global Impact, Personal Growth: As we expand into the worldwide market, your skills in data processing will play a key role in shaping our global strategy. This is your chance to make an international impact while growing personally and professionally.


Career Advancement in a Niche Field: We don’t just offer a job; we offer a career in a specialized field. Your unique skills in handling complex data systems will be nurtured and developed, ensuring you stay at the top of your game and ahead in the industry.


Work with Cutting-Edge Technologies: You’ll get hands-on experience with the latest technologies in data streaming and processing and work with various databases. This is a playground for anyone passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in data processing.


Collaborate with the Best: Join a team of experts as passionate about data as you are. Our environment fosters collaboration and innovation, ensuring your ideas are heard and valued.


Other Benefits:

⚡️ We compensate for educational courses, workshops, and professional literature.

⚡ We cover 50% of English language training costs.

⚡️ Work-life balance with a flexible schedule.

⚡️ No unnecessary control.

⚡️ Working remotely or in an office in the center of Dnipro.

⚡️ 18 paid vacation days that do not expire.


Your expertise in data processing is exactly what we need to drive our product forward. By joining our team, you’ll be instrumental in shaping our technology, influencing the direction of our projects, and translating complex technical challenges into innovative solutions.


Don’t just look for another position—forge a meaningful and impactful career at eSputnik. Seize this opportunity to make a significant mark in the world of martech. Embrace your next great adventure with us today!