C# is the airplane and Azure is the runway. You steer the plane with the co-pilot who is an expert on React.js. From the control panel, you get help from the product owner Eric and a C# guru called Rolf. He is, just like the language, very sharp!

It is interesting how much data you can gather from a single card transaction.

Recurring or new customers?
How much do they buy for?
What do they buy?
For small companies, this data is usually unheard of. We want to give these insights to every store owner through a beautiful app. The front-end of the app is already built. But we need more power to handle the data (using a prebuilt library), and output it via our REST API.

About Proxify

We are a fast-growing company made up of vibrant, intelligent, and passionate people. And we strive to make our clients and our employees happy. Together we reach new heights, we are the key to our success.
We are always looking for great talent. And we would like to meet some smart, open-minded, technically-advanced and team-oriented software engineers in Ukraine. Join us!

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