“Remote native” globally distributed engineering team with World-class software engineers, data scientists & researchers
6 hours ultra flexible+2 hours 6-8 PM by Kyiv time, our focus has always been on getting the job done well, not when or where it gets done

To be considered for this position, you must have the following qualifications:

5+ years of development experience with backend technologies; must have proficiency with modern C/C++
Experience with server internals and/or high-performance networking
Comfortable developing with both Linux and Windows
Fast learner with a can-do attitude and exceptional problem-solving abilities
Self-sufficient, proactive, and comfortable working independently on remote projects
English skills (ability to effectively communicate via written and spoken English)
A degree in computer science (or equivalent)

Ideal candidates will also have:
Windows Network Stack knowledge (e.g., I/O Completion Ports)
Redis knowledge

What we offer:
Competitive compensation with benefits, paid vacation, and sick leave
The opportunity to work with a globally diverse team of top engineering talent
Ultra-flexible work conditions – Work from home using our virtual office setup or, if you prefer, we provide you with a desk at an office facility near you. Or use both.
Flexible working hours – as a remote-first company, our focus has always been on getting the job done well, not when or where it gets done
A startup work environment, with excellent opportunities for professional growth and enjoyment

Memurai – Redis-compatible cache and datastore for Windows. memurai.com Orginating from our work leading the Redis on Windows project for MSOpenTech.

Italian Institute of for Nuclear Physics & DESY.
Ported GCC C and C++ compilers to APEmille parallel supercomputer, a joint project of INFN and DESY.
Working in the LQCD (Lattice Quantum Chromo Dynamics) field using supercomputers to simulate quark interactions. Compiler generated the fastest code among the pre-existing compilers for APEmille.

We developed a set of C++ classes that dramatically improved the development time of test cases for the Microsoft Search engine.

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