Laravel/PHP developer for an Israeli product company

We are searching for a strong developer (not just in the skills) for our product.

We have 22 members split into 2 teams, we follow agile.


We are using top technologies:

- PHP +8

- Node.js for microservices

- Mongo DB 6 cluster with complex aggregation quires

- Redis cluster + sentinel for high availability (very high load products) with horizon queue.

- MySql cluster + atomic transactions

- PHPUnit (TDD is a lifestyle!)

- Enhanced design patterns that usually most of products do not follow in a correct way!

- Restful API

- PHP xdebug + profiler


We offer:

- Detailed code review and mentoring

- Bonuses based on working success and product revenue!

- Career growth opportunities

- Professional management coming from Israelis IT sphere

- Opportunity to work with the most innovative technologies

- Opportunity to show your initiative and leadership

- Close-knit team of experienced and creative programmers

- Real practicing of your English with English speakers on a daily calls


Product 1:

Maveriks ( is a SAAS product with a young and fun working environment.

Super high load async jobs system.

Working with TOP OTAs and PMSes in the market such as:

1. Airbnb


3. Agoda

4. HomeAway

5. TripAdvisor

and more

Partnership with


Product 2:

Nicklas ( is an employers platform where HE managers can send presents to their employees for Christmas and any other holiday / birthday.

The system is like an auto-pilot for events.

Also a huge marketplace for each organization with different pricelists and machine learning suggestions.

Check the clients of Nicklas on the website (starting from Google, AWS, EY, and more!)


Everyone should pass code reviews, show improvements from month to month, if you like code, and feels like "perfections" is not a bad word for you, our team, is your place )


We will be happy to answer all the questions relevant to working hours, expectations, days off, health insurance and more, we are IT company with a Flexible Startup Spirit