We Build a strong .Net Practice within our Delivery Organization. In this process .Net Practice Lead is hands-on from a technical point of view and also has a strong focus on strategy and processes.

.Net Practice Lead will define the .Net practice development strategy and approach for all the company’s projects and be responsible for ensuring project quality.
Also this role will take part in professional development planning and assessments for .Net practice members.
The role requires strategic thinking and planning and provides expertise throughout the entire project/product development life cycle with a strong sense of quality ownership making sure that quality is baked in from the start.

Lead and establish a technical vision within the company;
Keeping up-to-date with trends and developments;
Communicate with PMs, Architects and developers;
Update coding standards and best practices, according to the latest changes in industry;
Create development roadmap for .NET stack and developers;
Support .NET community within the company by organizing knowledge sharing sessions;
Initiate architecture and processes improvements.

Experience in software development more the 5 years;
Experience in leading the team;
Creating software architecture;
Designing complex applications and microservice solutions;
Experience in C# and .NET/.NET Core more the 5 years;
Excellent knowledge in computer science : Enterprise , Security and Design Patterns;
Principles(OOP, SOLID, DDD, ACID, CAP Theorem);
Serverless and microservice architecture;
Code testing approaches(integration, unit, acceptance testing);
Database theory(SQL/NoSQL);
Excellent knowledge in network approaches;
Conventions(REST, RPC);
Authentication/authorization standards(IdentityServer, OAuth, JWT);
Solid experience in REST API development using .NET Core/ ASP.NET Core;
ORMs (EF Core/ Dapper);
Databases (MsSQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/Mongodb);
Cloud Platforms (any Cloud - AWS/Azure/Google Cloud);
Unit tests (NUnit, Moq, MSTest);
Containerization (Docker);
CI/CD(Jenkins/Azure Devops or other).

About opinov8

Opinov8 is a technology service provider, with an Opinion on Innovation, we engage with our clients at any stage in their product engineering and innovation goals, with solutions being mainly collaborative and outcome driven. We are driven by delivering value, for our clients, through technological innovation.

We are a young energetic and dynamically agile company and the team behind opinov8 are software industry veterans. We are ambitious on our own and our client’s behalf and we do not look at a client engagement as a project, we are in it to help our clients build sustainable products, platforms, and businesses. In other words; our clients’ business is our business.
Being Opinov8rs is what we are, curious, adventurous and bold in innovation engineering and having a Technology Opinion is in our DNA.

We are head quartered in London, UK and have a development center Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Job posted on 22 April 2021
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